Balenciaga First in Seafoam?

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  1. HI,

    I really love the first bag in seafoam, but is there a way to get this color, I know it is from several years ago. I am skeptical about looking online for the item. What can you suggest? Or is there no way to get this color anymore? Is there anything similar to it this spring?
  2. Ebay or online consignment stores are pretty much the only way to find Seafoam. It is from 2004. Nope, definitely nothing like it this spring.
  3. Vert D'eau is very close to Seafoam, and there's a first right now on Fleabay.
  4. HOw do I tell if it is real? I am really nervous about getting stuck with a fake...
  5. If you look at my avatar, the Day in the middle is Vert D'eau and the First on the left is Seafoam. They actually aren't very similar (but both are gorgeous colors).
  6. I love them both!!! :love: How can you decide which one to use?!?!?! :Push:
  7. Thanks! LOL, I actually have 3 Seafoam bags :shame:. I alternate between bags quite frequently!
  8. Love it! I have black hair, and I love everything is seafoam/azure/acquamarine...I love to see that colors on me, expecially with gold accessories!
  9. Yeah i have vert d'eau and it's actually alot closer to Pistachio than Seafoam. when next to seafoam it doesnt look anything alike :P
  10. oh really?? i've never seen a Seafoam irl, but whenever it pops up on ebay, i always thought it looked a lot like vd. then again i'm shade blind!
  11. ^to me, seafoam is much bluer and looks about 4 shades darker. vert d'eau looks exactly like mint ice-cream - no blue undertones whatsoever.

    i bought vert d'eau thinking it was alot closer to seafoam than it is. it's still a beautiful color, and i actually prefer it b/c i'm partial to brass HW :yes:

  12. I think the VD in first is perfect. I got it in a City and it is really minty and I remember thinking I would probably like it better if it had some blue i guess i would probably like seafoam better, huh? BUT i still love my VD:yes:. I actually thought seafoam looked darker sometimes bc it's very preloved, but even brand new, it's 4 shades darker? Would our Vd get darker too or do you think it'll fade like other light colored bbags?