Balenciaga first in Bordeaux or LV monogram speedy 30?


which bag to get next?

  1. Balenciaga first in Bordeaux

  2. LV monogram speedy 30

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  1. oh decsions, decisions! :yes: opinions ladies?
  2. u can get the mono speedy ANYTIME... balenciaga bordeaux is harder to get! i would say balenciaga bordeaux! :yahoo:
  3. i would say balenciaga as well.. i love the color! goodluck :smile:
  4. i agree with seahorse....
    get the b-bag NOW, and get LV later.
  5. Balenciaga!!!!:yes:
  6. I have the bordeaux 05 city and love it!! Get the Bbag..
  7. I also voted for the Balenciaga Bordeaux. I had one(briefly) before and it's a gorgeous color!:heart:
  8. my vote goes to: Balenciaga!!!
  9. Balenciaga first in Bordeaux
  10. Definitly Balenciaga first in Bordeaux.:yes:
  11. thanks ladies for all your help! the b-bag it is!!!!
  12. LV mono 30. :smile: it is a good first designer bag :smile: very classic and easy to wear. :smile:
  13. Bordeaux is one of the great b'bag colors, IF you can find one. But, if not, there's a new color this season that looks pretty similar. I'd take a look at that too before deciding.
  14. tough decision, i vote for the balenciaga!
  15. my vote goes to balenciaga