Balenciaga Feedback

  1. Helloooo, I'm eyeing a Balenciaga in Cornflower Blue. :amuse: I'm a little iffy as to whether I should buy it (AUD 1689) or if I should wait for the new collection to come out.

    I can't seem to upload the pic (file's too big :sad: ) but please let me know what you think! Oh and one more thing, the retailer calls it a First but I usually know it as a Le Dix. Are they the same thing?

    Thanks a million!
  2. yep- the style is called the first or the classique- it is the small size. There is a new blue for fall- blue roi and blue india. sort of a bright, blueberry blue and a turquoisey-grey blue. the cornflower is more of a medium denim blue...

    I'd go for the new season- better quality control and thicker leather from what we've been hearing! but th cornflwoer is super pretty too! good luck with your decision!
  3. hi there..

    do you have a link to the item?

    I am in the same trap..I have pre-ordered two bags from a retailer in Perth and as soon as I did that all these gorgeous bags started showing up on ebay !! :sad: :sad: I have to keep chanting "..grenat part-time blueberry work..." over and over so that I dont get distracted..:yes:

    cheers and welcome..

  4. Hi, thanks for your prompt replies mocean and mrsmac! Yup, I guess I might just hold out and wait for the new season. Any idea when those come out?

    And mrsmac, the retailer I'm talking to is also from Perth! Hmmmm... something tells me we are talking abt the same shop? They sell Bbags in a lot of other shades but most of them are sold out! Which makes me wonder if I should 'settle' for the Cornflower Blue when I was actually eyeing something more of an Indigo color.

    Good luck shopping!
  5. I bet we are talking about one and the same :biggrin:

    my opinion is that $2k is a lot of moola to spend to just "settle" on something...

    you have to get something you LOVE!! for that kind of money.

    There are two blues coming this season..blueberry which is a popping deep blue, and blue india which is a lovely blue-dove-grey.

    if a really dark navy style blue is what you are after then search out an ink from last season..I believe the perth store still has a Work in Ink(but this could be a little too big for you)

    the SA at the perth store is lovely and really really helpful...otherwiae you can call cosmopolitan shoes in Sydney and see what they have available.

  6. Hi BagsObsessed, I think you should wait for the new colours also, esp if you like indigo. The blueberry is similar-ish to indigo, and is a very pretty colour! Wrt when they're coming, Lily has told me that she's expecting the Blue India, brown and camel in mid July and the rest, a little later on. Just ring her and double check that.. and let us know, lol;)
  7. CULT STATUS - Sorry, had to say it.
  8. ^^hehehe, Cal. I love that store! DH and I are planning a trip to WA in Dec for a friend's wedding. I'm definately stopping in then to Cultstatus, in person:smile:) DH can go fishing with his buddies or something, lol.
  9. I suggest waiting for the new Fall colors--check out the Blueberry/Blue Roi and the upcoming Blue India/Blue grey---beautiful colors and the leather is thicker and less veiny!
  10. It looks like a great store! Geez, I wish my hubby would go fishing and let me shop in peace - he's usually shuffling around behind me making those "I'm bored" sounds.
  11. I like the cornflower and think it will be a color that will be in demand later. I am not really impressed with the fall colors, but that's just me.
  12. the only fall colour i like is the blueberry!!! yummy!!! wait and see which ones you like... i still see afew cornflower blues on eBay so i think you'll be alright!!!