Balenciaga Feed Bag?

  1. Does anyone have any pics of the Feed Bag?
  2. isn't that aka day bag?
  3. [B]Barney's calls the Day Hobo feed bag.:yes:[/B]My olive Green day in the pic is the Day Hobo.
  4. Do you like it? I was thinking about getting it in gray/cement color? Do you have any other pics of it? Is it right under the shoulder? Or does it hang by your hips? I want it to hand like under my arm. Thanks
  5. I never heard it called a feed bag before! cute! I LOVE my Day bag. I have it in black and I cant wait to eventually get more.

    ...after I move..

    ...after I join the ranks of the employed again...

    ...NM Scottsdale is waaaayyy too close to my new house...

    uh oh.
  6. My signature has the new giant day in marine, that's how it hangs - the pic is unstuffed.
  7. I love my Olive Green Day bag. It is so comfy and fits perfectly on your shoulder even over your coat. The Cement color is TDF (good choice). The handles are long and it hangs lower than your under arm. I will post my pics for you and i hope it helps.:love:
    IMG_1802 (4).JPG IMG_1852 (2).JPG
  8. there's also a version with a longer strap (technically men's messenger but it's pretty unisex)
  9. Oh, Nanaz, that olive is super. I'm a green girl.
  10. Thank you Ronda girl, i love it too. It has the best leather ever.:drool:
  11. Thanks Nanaz for all your help. I just hope I can find it in grey.

    Thanks again.
  12. You are very welcome.:smile: I thought you wanted the Cement color?:s
  13. oh so the feed is the day...umm ...never heard it called that way before :smile: