Balenciaga, Fed X and Barneys.....Claim Filed.

  1. Has anyone done this??? I purchased an ink twiggy from Barneys Beverly Hills this past Thur. It was supposed to be here yesterday Mon. Nov. 20th with Sig. confirmation. Fed X said they delivered it at 1:15 p.m. Afraid hubby was here all day and nothing!! Its on my CC, I filed a claim with fed x. What will happen now?:crybaby:
  2. Did FedEx supply you with a name of the person that signed for the package they claimed they delivered?
  3. Shouldn't Fedex have the name of the signer on file?
  4. Shouldn't Barney's be involved? They should be doing all the legwork and filing the claim since it's sent under their account and should have insured it themselves. That way, they can either give you a refund or replace your bag without haviing you deal with it. I've always dealt with the retailer directly on any shipping issues if it goes beyond basic research.
  5. Barneys should be filing the claim since its their Fedex account. Get the tracking info and look online to see who signed for it. IF they required that it had to be signed for. Fedex ground doesnt have to be signed for and they can leave it at the door.
  6. Good lord, every mail carrier sucks these days!!! :hysteric: I hope everything works out...The only advice I can think of is to file with your CC company and call let Barney's know of the situation. GOOD LUCK! :heart:
  7. Sorry about your situation, I hope things work out, keep us posted!
    I detest FedEx, they're the worst delivery company, I'm sticking to UPS and USPS these days!
  8. Thanks girls,
    no one signed for the package at all. Yet fedx says it was delivered to my house yesterday. Barneys said they are not responsible since fedx shows it was delivered..... I am fuming!!!
  9. I am so sorry to hear this, Ranskimmie! this is so wrong! I would raise hell with FedEx. I had a similar thing with DHL a few weeks ago, the swore the package was delivered, the driver swore he dropped it off, etc - and I filed a claim - and 2 days later, the package turned up on my doorstep. Sketchy?

    I hope this experience doesn't scare you off Bbags for good and make you run for the drama-free LV haven...
  10. ^^
    I dont think Im done with Bbags but Im DONE with Barneys. Fed x accepts all responsibility for not getting a signature and told me all Barneys has to do is file a claim with Fed X since they are Fed x's customer and my account would be credited. Barneys (Beverly Hills) handbag manager Todd Smokler refuses to do anything to help my situation. He said its completely out of his hands. So now Im going to have to see if I can just file my claim with my CC company and fed x. You would think since Barneys is NOT taking any loss at all, they would put their customer first. Thats a HUGE NOT!!!
  11. No, no, and no to Barney's. You purchased a bag and paid for delivery. It was not delivered to you. Depositing it on your doorstep doesn't mean you received your purchase. Again, why doesn't Barneys spend a few more dollars on shipping andn pay for signed receipt? I am so sorry for you but do NOT let this go with Barney's.
  12. Thats why Im so pissed off. I paid for a signature delivery and fedX even has that info. Barney STILL wont do anything:cursing:
  13. I agree, don't let Barney's off the hook because you're getting it worked out between CC company and FedEx. That's absurd! Stuff like this makes them do it again to the next customer, how can they think this behavior is ok, especially when dealing with customers buying luxury items!
  14. I am SOOOOOOOOOO MADDDDDDD for you and especially at Barney's for handling this so poorly! Don't give up kimmie!!! We're here for you every step of the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I am confused - Barney's and/or you paid for signature delivery and FedEX says that it obtained a signature? Someone at FedEX needs to get fired! You should be able to track the driver down and request to see his records. Threaten small claims court.