Balenciaga featured on the show "Fashion Fanatic" on TLC!!!!!!

  1. Okay, I turned the channel away from CNN for a second and what is on TLC??? A new show I had never seen before! The host is Stacie from the TLC show "what not to wear" and it is called Fashion Fanatic. I turned straight to a segment featuring how hot and hard to find Bal's can be. They talked about the leather in detail and how it changes in color and texture (to some degree) every season! I secreamed out loud (seriously) and it woke DH up, I scared him half to death! When he saw the bags and the SA talking about him he said "Is that Kim?"!!!!!! He was still half asleep! :shame:
  2. oh man!! I wish i watched it!!! I love you're husband's half-asleep comment ;)
  3. LOL.. i was just watching that today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  4. LOL Shasta! I still haven't caught this show in its entirety and I want to - I know someone who got busted by her dh b/c he happened to see this show and they were discussing bals and they apparently showed the price!

    I actually met Stacie (and Clinton) in person - I teach at a career school and I wrote in and got one of our students on the show a couple years ago!

    I'll have to watch for a rerun of this episode!
  5. Oh my gosh! I wish I'd caught that episode!!! I watch that show from time to time- stacy gives away GREAT freebies. Too bad she didn't give away any bals!!

    Love your hubbys reaction- hilarious!
  6. ^^^willow~ I knew you'd be in this thread!!! LOL :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Shasta~ I wish I saw this~ I would have screamed so loud too!!! :nuts:
  7. i have seen this episode three times and always miss the beginning!
  8. The show Shasta is talking about is not Stacy London's talk show. The fashion fanatics show was a one time show they did in the summer. It was really good so they may re-run it again.
  9. I saw it today too!!! I was stuffing my face with pizza and loved when they talked about Balenciaga's and said how the key to their success is the fact that the only issue 1 off colours per season and never repeat that colour again so that if you get ink, it will be the only ink for that SSN and won't come out again.

    It was interesting. Although Balenciaga is kinda repeating a bit now with colours recently I think....

    Loved watching though!!
  10. thanks for clarifying ronsdiva! I actually went to search tlc to see when the episode will play again, and realized I was thinking of a different show (fashionably late with stacy london is her talk show). Couldn't find info on when it's playing again though. :shrugs:

  11. That is awesome! What is she like IRL? I think that she is so pretty, I love her style. I bet she is itsy bistsy in person. We're you on the show with the student???? THat is a great story!

    Have any of you New Yorkers been to the store Jefferey's that was featured w/ all the amazing shoes? I put that store on my list of stores I have to see in NYC!:nuts:
  12. ^^ I have been to Jeffreys. its one of my favourite places but I don't shop there much since its very expensive.

    They have killer sales and a fantastic well edited shoe collection.
  13. Karen, I am so jealous of the fashion you get to see! I cannot wait for my trip to NYC this summer!
  14. ^^ Shasta you will have a blast. Definitely go to Bergdorf Goodman too. Their shoe collection is orgasmic.

    oh that just reminded me: their sale is in January!!! at least 50% off!
  15. Oh yes, the big Bergdorf Goodman..... seconds ago I was getiing lectured that my bill from BG was $5800 and I only bought shoes... Dh was thrilled writing that check out .... cranky.........:lecture::