Balenciaga Fall Winter 2014 Bags

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  1. stylebistro

    Attached Files:

  2. Thanks for posting - but not a fan at all.
  3. I often do not understand fashion. Ha.

    These are in no way appealing to me. I'm just not fashion-forward. Jeans & T-Shirt kind of girl.
  4. The handles look like wire
  5. They do, don't they? I really don't like these at all.
  6. I'm not fan
  7. Haahaha....they looked like expensive 'plastic/paper' shopping bags :biggrin:

    All those for runways only or also for sale?
  8. Personally I love them, I love the idea of them nestled amongst a collection of actual card bags from Liberty, Selfridge and Harvey Nichols! They're tres chic!!
  9. the grey croc in the first picture looks divine! whole collection looks very minimalistic. but damn those wire handles look painful!
  10. I was just thinking that, probably why they're all wearing gloves lol

  11. haha true! although I think I see a smooth metal grip handle on the wire strap, if that makes sense. but imagine that scraping your arm, ouch!!
  12. I don't like the bags..but I love the gloves!
  13. Yeah .. saw these in the live feed of Balenciaga's fashion show. I think it's wishful thinking on AW's behalf, that he would like to put his stamp on the handbags, but bottom line .. the 'Motorcycle' style bags are what bring in the $$$.

    That being said, I was looking at these for the colors only .. wonder if the same colors will be used for the F/W season?
  14. Yup, looks like AW has started to put his mark on BBags. Not a fan.

    I've owned several AW bags prior to his taking over Bal, and they all had one problem or another. Mostly poor design (can't easily get into the bags, poor handle placement/length) or weight. He just loves funky hardware (I do too), but if it rips your clothing or adds a ridiculous amount of weight, it's not a good idea.

    Those handles look very cool, but painful.
  15. NO MORE WIRE...HANDLES! :lol::lol::lol::roflmfao: