Balenciaga Fall/Winter 08 preview!!!

  1. Look what I just found trolling fashion blogs!!! New pics of Fall/Winter 08!!! :nuts:

    Another red?

    This blue is lovely :girlsigh:


    Check out this olive bag!


    Maybe the new purple?:shrugs:
    balenciaga1.JPG balenciaga2.JPG balenciaga3.JPG balenciaga4.JPG
  2. Peachy pink?


    More looks:


    New gray somewhere in there?

    balenciaga5.JPG balenciaga6.JPG balenciaga7.JPG
  3. Oooh... thanks for posting

    Everything looks pretty good
  4. Simona, you're fabulous! Thank you!

    The clothes are fabulous, and finally they look like something Balenciaga has made that will look good on my frame.

    I am intrigued by the coral red, it's a great color, although better for summer, rather than winter. The baby pink and baby blue are gorgeous too, but we've had enough pastels this season. I'd love to see an orange, lilac and taupe/gray.
  5. These are my favourite outfits. The black dress below is a bit Roland Mouret. I love that the waist is making a comeback. I also think that tulip skirts are very flattering, at least for my body.
    The fourth outfit is lovely too, I ***love*** the fluffy purse and the shoe boots.

  6. [​IMG]

    Is this grey?

    Thank you for posting Simona!!
  7. i love that peachy pink color!! it's gorgeous! and the grey, it'd be perfect..
    thanks for posting, you're an absolute dear!! :smile:
  8. That's what I'm wondering too. Is that *the* grey?
  9. OMG I LOOOOVE the boots..lovelovelovelove!
  10. It all looks very wearable. I love it.
  11. I love that grey.:drool: Thanks for posting.:smile:
  12. Thanks for the pics! I see grey! Hurrah!
  13. Love the boots, i need to have them! :drool:
  14. Thanks, girls!!!
    Yes, I like alot of the clothes!
    Danae, I just noticed this purse on the left is lilac! :yahoo: I would love this color!!!

  15. I LOVVVVVVVVE both outfits on the right side! I wish I could afford them! :crybaby:
    and I agree the boots are killer! Maybe I should buy clothing or the boots instead of a bag this fall! :idea: Can't wait for the list/swatches to come out!