Balenciaga Fall RAOK Sign-up & Rules

  1. It's that are rules and sign-up information. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Balenciaga Fall RAOK
    Start accepting apps: 8/21/07 – 9/14/2007
    Notification of buddy: 9/15/07
    Official Start of Fall RAOK: 10/1/2007 - 11/31/2007
    Presents sent in October & November totalling 2 gifts (one per month)

    Rules of RAOK

    1. All applicants will be fully reviewed before acceptance.

    2. There is no set minimum number of posts, but rather the administrator (me) will be looking for the following:
    a. # of posts in Balenciaga forum to show you are an active Balenciaga participant

    b. frequency of posting (do you disappear for weeks at a time, or are you posting regularly)

    c. content of posts (1000 congrats does not equal participation in RAOK)

    d. MUST have posted a picture on tPF within previous month (so I can verify you do know how to post photos, etc.)

    3. You are required to post photos of each and every gift received. If your buddy decorates outside of the box, please take photos of packaging. Descriptions of gifts will not suffice. Pictures should be posted within 72 hours of receipt.

    4. Proof of mailing is required for gifts. This proof of mailing must be PMed to me by the 21st of each month if mailing within your country, or the 15th of each month if mailing out of your country. This can occur several ways:
    a. in the USA you can send priority mail and purchase delivery confirmation for .65. You can also send regular mail and purchase delivery confirmation.
    b. In Canada, you can mail parcels and get delivery confirmation for free (according to their website). For letters (i.e. if you were mailing only a gift card) you can send it registered mail and receive a tracking number. Cost is $7.95 including tracking.
    c. If mailing to US or Canada from USA or Canada...the customs form number is considered proof.
    d. If mailing in Europe you can simply PM your receipt number/the little number on the DHL form/the free proof of mailing the PO will give you. I understand it is very expensive to ship in I don't want you to incur tons of extra postage fees!
    f. If sending someone something through the internet (i.e. gift certificates, magazine subscriptions), please forward the confirmation email to me (minus any CC info, etc.)

    5. All gifts should incorporate a handbag/Balenciaga theme. This does NOT mean you have to buy something from Balenciaga, but instead decorate the box with magazine pictures, make a Balenciaga themed card, use tissue from your past purchases or boxes or bags!

    6. No vacationers. If you will be away from home for more than 1-2 week per month...don't sign up. Gifts have to be mailed and reveals posted in a timely manner as described above, and vacation plans may interfere. Please PM me for extentuating circumstances and we can discuss!!!

    7. If you are purchasing something from eBay for your buddy, please make sure personally that it is in a suitable condition to be sent out as a gift.

    8. PRICE LIMIT (MAKE SURE YOU CLEARLY READ THIS!): At this time I am NOT instituting a price limit/price range nor am I dividing people into groups. However, I am providing a suggestion in terms of price. In past RAOKs the minimum sent per gift appeared to be approx. $30, with amounts ranging as high as $150. You are under no obligation to send a $150 gift, but you should keep the minimum in mind.

    9. In reference to #8, the primary purpose of a Random Act of Kindness is to put thought and careful consideration into each gift you send. Often this means that the most thoughtful gift was also not the most expensive. Therefore thoughtfulness is appreciated more than just ordering something online for $200!! If I witness gifts that are not thoughtful AND not following suggestions in #8 I can (and will) remove that person from the RAOK! Therefore, if your life is just too busy…please don’t sign up!

    9. Administrator can (and will) remove someone from the RAOK for not following above rules.

    10. An ANGEL system will be in place for missing gifts/unresponsive buddy, etc.

    How to sign up for this RAOK:

    I am trying something a little new this time, and am using a website that will allow you to secretly communicate with your buddy and make wishlists, etc. I will still have a heavy hand in this with giving out addresses, tracking gifts, etc. This will really just save a little bit of time being the go-between in transmitting messages!

    Please PM the following information to me (Please make sure the title of your PM says Balenciaga somewhere since I am doing the LV RAOK too)!:
    First name (or initial)
    Last name (or initial)
    Email address

    If you do not provide a valid email address, you will not receive invite.

    Once I receive that information I will make my decision within 48 hours as to whether you will be able to participate. If you are, you will receive an official invitation via email. You will also receive a request via PM for mailing address, etc.

    You will be able to choose where you want to send gifts, etc., but that will all follow in PMs!

    Please take note of the above deadlines for signing up!

    You can ask any questions here in the thread or PM me for more info!!

    And sorry for all the rules...I found doing the LV ones that without them things can get out of control!

    Let's have a great time with this...and hopefully we'll have a great turnout and really get to know one another!!!! I'm really looking forward to getting to know all of you :smile:

  2. YAY.....I've been getting some PMs yesterday & today!!! I hope we have a really large turnout for this one :smile: It's going to be so much fun!!!!
  3. Those who signed up before 9 PM tonight should have received an email just now!!!

    Please will first receive an accept that invite and then I will send subsequent messages requesting your mailing info, etc.!!!

    If you have any questions...please ask!!

    so just one day we already have 17 people signed up!!!
  4. All email invites have been sent!!!! So, if you PMed me and haven't received one...please check your junk mail box, and if nothing there then PM me and I'll resend them!!!

    So far we have about 20 people participating!!! Hopefully we an triple that number!
  5. Just a quick clarification...every single person who applies will receive a response from me (typically within 24 hours) via PM indicating whether or not they have been accepted.
    You will then receive an email invite through the website I am using called Elfster. Occasionally the emails seem to be getting shuffled into junk mail (and a couple just disappeared in cyberspace)...this stuff sometimes happens on the internet!
    If you have applied and you have not at least received a PM response from me...please PM me. It is possible that during all the forum tech problems last week something got lost.

    In addition, a second clarification....members who are relatively new or have low post counts....I did not set a minimum, but instead am looking for the length of time you have been around, the number of posts per day, etc.

    And I understand...I am relatively new to the world of BAlenciaga...but by no means am new to the forum (just wanted to address what someone said to me in a PM)!

    I am sorry I have to do that...but the majority of problems I had in the last RAOK I ran was from members with low numbers of was very hard to get ahold of them because they weren't active on the forum everyday...I am truly sorry if you feel slighted at all, but there will be future RAOKs you can apply to :smile: It's not the end of the world :smile:
    And again...if you have any questions or anything...please let me know!!!

    I am very excited to get this RAOK started!!
  6. Just wanted to remind everyone that there is less than 2 weeks left to get signed up!!!

    Don't miss out on what is sure to be a fun time :smile:
  7. Alrighty...sign-ups are closed!!!! I'm just waiting on one mailing address and then names will be drawn later today :smile:

  8. Yay - I get my buddy today :yahoo: that means a major shop ex next saturday.
  9. HEEHEE...yes...I just went in and set all the shipping preferences and am just waiting on the one person for their address and then the emails will go out!!!! I'm excited!!!!!
  10. ooohh.. I'm excited!!
  11. Oooooo if I get my buddy tonight I could go shopping tomorrow :nuts:
  12. the last address in! Now just have one other person to hear from (I am not the best with geography and they specified a specific country to ship to and I think this other country is close by LOL)
  13. what does RAOK stand for? and is it only for balenciaga and lv forums? sorry i can't find anything else on it.
  14. ^^^^RAOK - random acts of kindness. It is like a gift exchange program. There are several other subforums on here that take part in it!