Balenciaga Fall RAOK (October/November)...Yay or nay?

  1. Well I posted this in the reveal thread...but I'm not sure that everyone who is interested will read it (as only current RAOK participants might see it)!

    I am twiggers (well duh!) and I'm originally an LV gal...and over there I have kind of taken charge of the RAOKs (we are currently doing a summer one, and signups are going for a Fall one and we're doing a secret santa)...and I'm also planning a tPF wide Secret Santa for December.
    Anywho...y'all are stuck with me now that I have a Balenciaga I thought I would offer up my services to do another RAOK!

    My plans for a Balenciaga RAOK would basically duplicate the LV RAOK. I would begin signups almost immediately with a deadline of 9/15. The RAOK would begin October 1st and last until November 31st. You would be required to send one gift per month for a total of 2 gifts (you can always send more)! Photos would be required of each gift (I have a detailed set of rules that I will post when the official sign-ups begin).

    I would also be using a system called 'Elfster' that would allow you to ask your buddy questions in secret, and to also post a wishlist.

    I also have suggestions for $$ amounts to spend on gifts, and I have a team of Angels to be on standby in case someone doesn't send a gift.

    Phew...that's it!

    basically, I think of Balenciaga as kind of my new home now (sharing space with LV LOL)...and I'd love to get to know you all better by doing a RAOK for you!!

    Depending on how things go we can also do a Secret Santa in December :smile:

    Sorry for rambling....but please let me know your opinions and thoughts on this! If I hear enough YAYs/:tup: then I will open up the application period within the next couple days!

    If you don't feel comfortable voicing your opinion here, you can always PM me!
  2. yay! :tup: Twiggers, we LOVE sharing you with LV! :love:
  3. Thanks mint!!!!!
  4. Count me in! :tup:
  5. Absolutely YAY!!:yahoo: Thanks for doing this, Twiggers!:flowers:
  6. Thanks oogie & Marie

    (And I promise...I'll get to know everyone's names the longer I'm here!!!)
  7. I'm having so much fun with this RAOK I'd love to do another!
  8. Hey Twiggers! What are the requirements? I think the last one was minimum of 500+ posts.. break it down girl:smile:
  9. LOL Malley....I'll detail those in the application thread...but basically I'm looking for people who are regular contributors to Bal, this typically equates to a high number of posts, but I will consider everyone!!
    A second requirement, is that you must have posted a photo somewhere on the forum within the last month...this is for me to know that you do have a camera and know how to upload pics (we've had lots of problems in RAOKs with people not posting pics)!
    I will also be enforcing a deadline to send out gifts each month, so no one feels left out!

    But again...these will be detailed more in the application thread!
  10. Hey, Twiggers. Count me in, sounds great. Loving the August RAOK. Thanks! :heart:
  11. Count me in, too! Thanks for taking on the second RAOK for Balenciaga!
  12. I am in on this one!!
  13. Hey Twiggers, you are getting popular around here quickly, LOL. Anyway, count me in too.
  14. Please count me in, too. :tup: Thanks, twiggers!
  15. Thanks guys! I'm glad to see that there are a bunch interested!!!! Keep an eye up on the stickied thread area....I should have an application thread up sometime tomorrow!!!