Balenciaga Fall Colors??

  1. Hello,

    I am a little confused...does anyone know which colors for the 2007 fall collection are not in the store yet?

  2. None of the fall colors have hit the stores yet.
    Arrivals are between end of May - September.
  3. Incoralblue,

    do you know what colors are in the stores now?
  4. Incoralblue,

    you are truly the best...Thank you!!!:yahoo:
  5. My pleasure :nuts: :p
  6. Incoralblue,

    where do you think they have the best prices where i can get a bbag? or balny?
  7. Well it depends. The First and City sizes in are pricier than if you were to buy in Balenciaga NY. The Work, Weekender, and Giant Hardware bags however are cheaper at Diabro. (I've never purchased from them)

    The downside is that DIABRO is a final sale (and you have no clue what your bag looks like (veiny, smooth, etc) unlike Bal NY where you can choose from several bags and pick the one that you like (and there's a 10 day EXCHANGE ONLY policy)
  8. incoralblue,

    thanks, do you know what the bowling looks like?