Balenciaga FALL 2006 Color?

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  1. Does anyone know what the Fall 2006 colors for the Balenciaga handbags are? I have a white one and a blue one and thinking about getting another one for this Fall.

    Thank you in advance.;)
  2. GRENAT'll be a great choice
  3. Cate22 ... have you seen the Greige "in-person"? I did ... and compared to the Grey of last year (Pre-Fall 2005), and it was definitely NOT as nice (my opinion). The color swatch (above) makes it look a lot darker .. it's actually much lighter (kind of like a cream-white with a wash of grey). Now that I think of it, it kind of looked like a dirty white bag to me.
  4. I know not a lot of people like the greige - but it's actually one of my favorite fall 2006 colors, if it had silver hardware I would be even more in love! :smile:
  5. Ceejay - yes, I was finally able to see the greige IRL last week at the NM near me. The color of that particular one (it was a twiggy) was too gray for my liking, and now that you mention it, it did resemble a dirty bag to me as well.
    But...I'm hoping there's one out there that is more on the beige-y side. I saw l_b's and aimky's pics of their greige cities, and I loved the color on theirs!
  6. Thank you cate22 for the link. I think I will get red one! I can't wait...don't know how I'll explain another bag to my husband :shrugs: .
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