Balenciaga Fall 2006 Bags -- Mostly Runway

  1. [​IMG] Patent leather clutch with romantique “B” detail.

    [​IMG] Patent leather aumoniere with romantique “B” detail.

    [​IMG] Oiled leather and pigskin weekend bag.

    [​IMG] Plaid wool and camel skin bag.

    [​IMG] Plaid wool and pigskin bag.
  2. I hope no one hate me for this :sick: :yucky:
  3. I :heart::love: the 3rd and 4th purses. Cant wait till they come out.:biggrin::yes:
  4. 0o0o0 FUN!
  5. oooh la la i like the plaid wool and camel skin bag. I would def use that in the has a wintery feel to me
  6. Wow that's a lot of plaid. They're cool, I just still like the classic motorcycle style best, I guess. Do they ever show up on the runway anymore?
  7. I can't say these do anything for me. Thanks for posting!

  8. Ha ha ha ... kimmie .... I agree with you :yucky: :yucky:
  9. Not my cup of tea. the plaid bags look like picnick blankets to me, sorry.
  10. not nuts about these.
  11. i like the second and the third one!
    the first one looks like a bottle holder, and in this collection there's definitely too much plaid!!!:yucky:
  12. I like the 3rd, but the others-not so much.:sick:
  13. Not my cup of tea either!
  14. I am so not liking any of those. LOL @ the picnic blanket comment! I thought the same thing.
  15. Yuucchhh :sick: ... don't like these at all. I do like the quilted one that was in the Vogue Paris Collections.

    Has anyone seen the rest of the collection - e.g., the clothes, shoes, hats, etc. -- Nicholas must have been inspired by Jackie Kennedy (equestrian-style hat), but the shoes ... wicked FUGLY! :sick: