Balenciaga F/W 2010 Shoes

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  1. Okay so... These Balenciaga color block moccasins have to be my BIGGEST.SHOE.CRUSH.EVER.I always loved the allure of Louboutins or the classic/edgy designs of Zanotti but I am literally BLOWN AWAY by Balenciaga F/W 10!:wtf: If I'm not wrong this shocking masterpiece is not designed by Ghesquiere himself but Pierre Hardy!
    I highly doubt they'd ever make it to Turkey and I couldn't find any price info but my guess would be around $3K+? Well, they sure kick a$$!!:faint::faint::faint:

  2. They're strange but the best kind of strange. I'm loving those heels -- makes me think of midcentury american architecture.
  3. I saw these in person at the Balenciaga boutique and they're HEAVY. I forgot the pricing, but they're definitely more expensive than the other shoes (definitely four figures, but not as high as $3K - at least in France). Also FYI, Pierre Hardy has been Balenciaga's official shoe designer for a while now. Ghesquiere has (to my knowledge) never been in charge of Balenciaga's shoe designs.
  4. I was guessing 3K because of the croc skin. Hmm, I assume they'll be boutique exclusives, not be available in department stores.
  5. wow they're crazy! but i would love to own a pair :tender:
  6. They're £1750 for the wooden ones with the exposed sides, and according to UK Vogue, the croc versions are £4550. I've tried the wooden ones and they hurt rather bad
  7. Thanks for the info Rosenrot!I'm not crazy for the wooden ones-TBH,i dunot even like them and the crocs are waaaaaaay out of my price range!:faint: I can keep dreaming............:girlsigh:
  8. they are a piece of art!
  9. I dream of wearing these shoes...! But of course they are beyond my price range. Gorgeous anyway. I was actually trying to see if they were sold anywhere online just to check prices... so thanks for the info Rosenrot!
  10. They are seriously stunners. I am such a sucker for Bal shoes. I don't think I've ever met a pair that I did not like. I'll keep an eye out for any on sale...

  11. Bought this pair of balenciaga lizard print ballet flats in size 35.5.
    Was advised by SA to go 1/2 size down from my initial Size 36 but after walking in them for like 10 mins i had blisters at the back of my feet on the side on my left foot.

    When i tried on it was so comfy and it was in the evening as advised by most people. =(
    Any advise if the shoes will expand eventually?


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  12. that's strange, from my experience with balenciaga shoes (no matter if flats or heels) they run quite small, and I would even suggest to size up half a size. i don't own these flats but it they are sturdy like older bal flats or most marc jacobs flats they won't expand much. sorry :sad:

  13. totally agree!
    im usually a size 36.5 (37 at most). Tried on AND bought a Balenciaga gladiator studded sandal at SIZE 38! :nuts:
    i wonder if their ballerina flats run small as well...
  14. i own one pair of heels and tried the flats at store....they run TTS to me. i have narrow feet.
    about the blister....may be it's new. did you feel your toes can lay comfortably in your shoes??
  15. why do i feel like i vaguely read somewhere that one of these styles retailed at like $7k or something???

    am i imagining this?