balenciaga experts

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  1. I received the listings and pictures from LVR about their balenciagas and they have a first in dark blue - do you think that's the ink? and they have a bag called the day. Anyone know anything about it. It looks smaller than the first, but it's measurements are like 14x14 but the pictures don't look like that. they have their striped damask ones too which I didn't care for. thanks
  2. i think the day is the hobo, and the dark blue should be the ink...i want it, but i don't want to do a bank transfer...i just feel so much safer using my credit card :-/
  3. the bag they called the day didn't look like a hobo at all. It looked exactly like a smaller version of the first but the measurements make more sense as a hobo. they might have posted the wrong pic. It had a double hand strap and the shoulder strap. thanks I'm going to order the first in dark blue and assume it is the ink. Wire transfer is easy through your bank and they usually wouldn't charge you if you're a good customer.
  4. now that you mention it, i do remember noticing that myself. it's like the exact same pic, they must have put the wrong one.
  5. Can you post the link so we can look at the bags you mentioned?