Balenciaga Experts Please LOOK HERE!!!!

  1. I just bought a Balenciaga and absolutely adore her. The question I have for you Balenciaga experts is this....Using the shoulder strap she just doesn't look cute, or presentable. Is there anything I could do to carry her while using the strap, but make it look like the great BBag that she really is?

    The only was I see it looking stylish, is using the handles...Help me Ladies!:crybaby:
  2. Which style did you get? and I do not own a bbag with handles so i cant help on the strap matter!
  3. I have the City.
  4. I think it looks cute hanging by the strap!
  5. Total bbag newbie here, but the only bag I have is a city and I agree that it looks cute hanging by the strap. I also like the versatility of being able to wear it on my arm or on my shoulder, but that's just me ;)
  6. Thanks :smile: I have seen the pictures and couldn't find any that slouch as bad as mine. I know it has a lot to do with what you carry inside, but mine just looks sloppy if I use the shoulder strap. Maybe it is suppose to look this way?
    I am use to much stiffer bags which may be my problem?????
  7. Is it your first one..maybe it will take some gettin' use to?
  8. Yes, my very first, and the leather is scrumptious. Now I know why they are addicting.....
  9. HI... I totally agree with you, I like the city held by hand or in the crook of the arm when beening carried. I personally do not like to use the shoulder strap on the city but it is because I like my bags to keep from what of their shape... a little baggy is okay but when it looks like you are carry a grocery bag then it bother me. Just carry it by the hand, its adorable that way.
  10. Yes, I haven't seen too many people use the shoulder strap. I suppose if you had more in the bag itself, the slouchiness would be different.
  11. I thought I'd add to this (although I'm no expert)...

    You may find in time that you grow to like the slouchy look of the bag when using the shoulder strap. When I got my first city I REALLY preferred using the handles (either held in the hand, resting on my shoulder, or in the crook of the elbow). But now I actually quite like the look of the shoulder strap too.

    If you're wanting to see more photos, you could go to the celebrity thread and look for some pics of Nicole Richie with her very slouchy black city(-which she often wears by the shoulder strap). Chances are it's more slouchy than yours (because it's so well used) and I think it looks great!
  12. I like using my city with the strap like a messenger lately, it's quite convinient!
  13. That might be it... Maybe your eyes just need to adjust to this look, since it surely is very different from bags with stiffer leather.

    I hope find a way to use your bbag and love it :heart:
  14. I too really like the way it looks and feels carried with the handles, especially in the crook of my arm. Very cozy. I use the handles too - yep, I put my hand on them! I love the way they feel.