Balenciaga Experts: Help!

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  1. I first don't like Balenciaga bag.. but it starts to grow on me now.. I was wondering where can I get a Balenciaga bag in Atl or in US in general? I like the motorcycle bag... I will also go to Miami for the holidays.. Somebody please help me.. Also, I was wondering how much will it retail for. I am thinking around 1000-1500?

    Anybody out there likes Balenciaga?

  2. Oops.. Sorry for the double post. Vlad, can you help me delete the other post.

    Also, I was wondering if anybody knows if there is a few types of motorcycle bag out there? Is there a difference between le dix and medium?
  3. duplicate removed ;)
  4. if you're looking in Atlanta, i'd suggest Bob Ellis at Phipps Plaza, they are FABULOUS and had balenciagas in stock the last time i was there, or you can look at their website for the South Carolina flagship - - and they have them for sale there, as well. and as for the price, that sounds about right to me! hope that helps!
  5. You should also hollar out to (or PM) FendiBagLady. I think she's our Forum's resident Balenciaga expert!
  6. Hey thanks everybody! The informations are really helpful.

    I just ordered a lilac city motorcycle balenciaga.. from the new york store. I will get it sometime January... but I will check the bob ellis store when I get back to Atlanta this weekend. Hopefully they have the lilac.. since I fell in love with the color...

    THANKS.. again.. You ladies are wonderful!
  7. I like the lilac color.. and bordeaux.. I was wondering what do you all think of the color. I want my balenciaga to stand out with my jeans. Should I choose lilac or bordeaux?

  8. i tend to love bordeaux. i've been wanting to get one myself in the medium size... one of these days...
  9. I just called them up again, and they say they have the red color in stock... Here's the thing.. the lilac color even though it's a similar color than the above will be the next spring color. But the red and bordeaux will be this season color. So what do you all think? LILAC or BORDEAUX or RED? [​IMG]

    Thank you all so much... :smile:
  10. Thanks Vlad!
  11. good luck! are you originally from Atlanta?
  12. No.. I'm from Indonesia originally.. but since going to emory.. I've been living in Atlanta for 3 years now.. I went back frequently.. almost twice a month coz my bf is there.. I love Atl to the core.. I wonder what makes me leave there in the first place.. You never know how much you appreciate a place until you leave it.. It's like my second home. I'm going back for the winter break.. Can't wait to go back to Hotlanta.. It's freezing in Columbus.. We're expecting a six inch snow this evening... :sad2:
  13. well it's been rainy and crappy here for a couple days, but you're right, you really can't beat atlanta mostly - i have no real desire to leave the state and live anywhere else, even though i've lived here my entire life. i don't really recommend marietta, which is where i'm originally from, unless you like rich snotty people, but the goods of atlanta outweigh the bads. i'm glad you like it here!