Balenciaga Exchange Policy

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  1. Hello!

    I just received my PT and Weekender in Black. I want to return the Black PT because I'd rather hold out for a Weekender in another color. Does anyone have any idea what the exchange policy is? Since I just received them today can I send it back for store credit?


  2. From what store did you buy your bags?
  3. Hi! Thanks for responding- I had it sent to me from the new LA store. The receipt says all purchases "will be considered for exchange" within 10 days but that's kind of vague.... any ideas?
  4. thanks! i'm so sorry- I just couldn't find a thread about it anywhere under the search engine on this site.... I'm still trying to figure out all of the rules here.

    my apologies!
  5. No problem!:okay:
  6. Balenciaga doesn't allow returns. The 10 days refers to how long you have to exchange or send the bag back for store credit.
  7. thanks Jira!

    I've been walking around with my PT in my apartment all day and I'm just gonna keep it! It looks great- I just wasn't used to the shine since it's so new! Black is timeless so I'll just have to get another weekender in addition to this I suppose!!

  8. Did you get the Black PT (RH)? .. i'm looking for a Black PT or Work... and I was thinking about checking out BAL LA but.. i was wondering how the black leather was?
  9. yes! i just received the Weekender and PT in Black. The Weekender appears slightly shinier but the SA in LA told be they will both become more matte with wear. If you'd like I can post pics of both of them. I got the THW so it blends into the Black, which I prefer to the GHW or SHW....

    Lemme know!
  10. yes.. i would love to see pictures!! thank you :smile:
  11. Also, may i ask how much it was w/ the tax?
  12. ok, i'll get them up right away! it was $1495 even. There was no tax because I had it shipped directly to me- great loophole (it saved me over $100!!! also, Terri at BalLA didn't charge shipping :smile:

  13. ok here are the pics:
    -the 2008 black PT (two photos)
    -the 2008 black PT vs. 2007 vermillon City, so you can see scale (two photos)
    -the 2008 black PT vs. 2008 black Weekender, so you can see scale and color (one photo)
    -one photo of all three plus my 2007 Sienna City in better lighting :smile:

    *Just click on the photos to see bigger versions!

  14. Hmm.. i can't see any of them?