Balenciaga event!!!

  1. For all you people who love Balenciaga Bags.

    On Thursday 29th March, there is an event at the Balenciaga Boutique in Selfridges at The Trafford Centre. If you spend over £300 you get a free gift.

    There are also champagne and chocolates, so I will definately be there.
  2. fab! wish i could go but i currently live so far from trafford centre.
    went to the balenciaga section last saturday. not much choice though i think.
    btw, will it be huge sales or discount??
  3. i am the manager on the boutique. i have lots more stock that is not out....there is not enough space!!! hopefully you will be able to come again soon!!

    see you there soon
  4. do you have coin purses on sale?
  5. they are not on sale....but we do have a good variety in stock. this is the right time of season to buy. we have the most stock in, and are not sold out yet!!!
  6. Oh fun! I wish I could be there, but I'm far, far away!
  7. if anybody is in search of anything, we do mail orders and can sen things out to you!!
  8. oooh im soo interested in this event!! but i live in london, is the selfridges in london gona hv similar event?
  9. Do you have any hookline/2x bostons bags and if so what colours???
  10. we have 1 hook bag left...if this is what you are looking for! it is in white.
  11. the selfridges in not sure...if you are interested in anything call us and you still receive your free gift...even if over the phone!!
  12. oooh okok! i will have a look at wht i wana get and let u knw! thank you...

    ooh btw, are the bags on sale that day? or is it jus a day where we get a free gift for spending over £300? ooh it doesnt matter, i will hv a look, im sure to find something i want!!
  13. Can you post/attache a picture of it??? and the price? is it on sale??
  14. Thank you for letting us know!:yes:
  15. im afraid i havent got any pictures of the bag. but if you show me what bag you ar elooking for i will be able to tell you if it is the correct one.