Balenciaga envelope clutch

  1. Is the envelope clutch made every season? Is it available in all the colors the bags are? I have only seen one at my NM, and that was months ago.

    I'm thinking I might like a blue one, did they even make a blue (for 08?)? :confused1:

    Thanks for any info you can give me on this clutch :yes:.

    This is the one I am looking for info about, picture borrowed from the reference section.

  2. I was at Harvey Nichol's London today, and it really caught my eye, it said it in a pinkish/purple shade it was gorgeous.. i asked the saleswoman if they had it in other colors and she said they'll be getting it in blue soon but i have no idea what shade.. so i guess it exists .. :smile:
  3. Bal NY is getting in EB and Magenta, but I think they have a huge waitlist. I saw Kim in the store last Sunday and she said they were coming soon.
  4. I :heart:the envelope clutch ...:drool: .. :drool:.. :drool: .. :drool: .. :drool: .. :drool:.. . :drool:....
  5. Thanks! At least I know they are still making them, and that I can hopefully get one in blue, or another color. i really like this style of clutch. Thanks so much! :yes::heart:
  6. I've seen envelope clutches at NM in White Plains, NY. but I haven't been there in awhile. Try giving them a call and see what they have. You can ask for Mann. He's the SA I usually deal with. The telephone number is (914) 428-2000 extension 2516.
  7. Thanks Kat, I'll call Mann.

    If I refer to this as an envelope clutch, will they know what bag I am referring to? Do SA's call this an envelope clutch too?
  8. Yes - that's what it's called. I know it comes w/ Giant hardware - not sure if it comes with rh as well.
  9. check the shopping sub-forum? i don't think this style comes in RH.
  10. Barneys in beverly hills has these.

    i got mine yesterday!!
  11. [​IMG]
    I love it!:love:
  12. ooh, congrats lovefanny it's gorgeous!!
  13. I will give Barneys in BH a call too, thanks so much for the info. I'm totally a fan of the GH, I hops I can find this bag in a color I like. And I'm open to color choices too, but I love that black one you posted LoveTiffany! So pretty!

    Thanks everyone :tup:

  14. Do you know if they had any other colors available?
  15. they had black, red, yellow and a ivory color but all in GSH, no GGH (i wish!!)