Balenciaga - Ebay seller: celebrity owned

  1. Hi, Celebrityowned is selling a sky blue hobo on eBay right now that I'm kind of eyeing. Does anyone know if they're legit? Any feedback on your purchases if you've bought from them before? Thank you!
  2. I think they're consignment, so it would be on an item by item basis! But I've only seen good things from them...... the sky blue hobo is one of them ;) go for it!
  3. I also saw this item by them : 6862282413 It's a Bottega Veneta hobo but I have *never* seen this style before, nor is it on the BV website or Neiman's website... Has anyone seen this? Seems odd that Celebrityowned is the only one who has this if it's "new"... hm...
  4. ^ I think it's just "new" as in "not used" - I think it's an older style.
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