Balenciaga Dustbag?

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  1. Hi - do you know where is it possible to purchase a Bal dustbag? I just received a Twiggy from ebay and just didn't realise it was listed without a dustbag. Thank you!
  2. I don't think they are obtainable from Bal. Keep your eye open for the right size on Ebay or Bonanzle. Every once in a while someone will put one up.
  3. ok - I will do - thank you.
  4. E bay will not allow sellers to sell dust bags. The only place I know of that can right now is Bonanzle.
  5. ^^^^

    Wow! I didn't realize this. No wonder they don't pop up much! Thanks Ghost55!
  6. ^^ no problem =) The only reason I know as I tried to list a few (Hermes, MJ) and got my listings pulled and a slap on the wrist. E bay told me if I was caught again I would lose my privlidges to buy and sell.

    I was like "ok...sorry I didn't know!" and I removed them.
  7. that's funny, they've got all these fakes on there, but oh no, don't sell a dustbag! WTF???????
  8. ^^^

    My thoughts exactly! :lolots:
  9. wow, i wonder why you cant sell dust bags on ebay??
  10. crazy!?! :nuts:
  11. thats the stupidest new rule they've added by wonder i can't find diddly swat on there as far as dust bags.i'd rather mistakenly buy a fake dust bag rather than a bbag.
  12. Maybe it's so the fakers can't buy the real dust bags for the fakes?
  13. You can't sell designer boxes either:nuts:. I tried to list a few of those too and was told..:nono::rtr:

    I was like :hrmm:

    Whatever.... But like you guys said, lets allow listings for fraudulent items! ROTFLMAO!
  14. duh... that is really crazy....

    although lilahbelle does have a point
  15. #15 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    I think this is the case too, but for ebay to have such a rule makes no sense since dustbags aren't used to authenticate the bag. Who goes, "This dustbag looks pretty good, I guess the bag is real?" :confused1: