Balenciaga durable enough for everyday use??

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  1. I have an 05 Black City that I haven't babied at all. It's been in torrential storms, snow, humid weather, mud, bar floors, cafes, etc... It still looks remarkable and not a scuff in sight! In fact, it just keeps on looking better and better...

    I've got an 09 coming to me (if it's ever released from customs), but now I'm wondering if it's the newer leather that doesn't hold as well as the older chevre? I got it so I could treat my 05 with a little more TLC, but now I'm really wondering if it was the right move...
  2. Oh boy, maybe you're right. Seems everyone is cutting down on costs and quality. I can't make such an expensive mistake...have to pick something for long-term use that will keep looking beautiful throughout. LV canvas bags are pretty tough and useful---perfect for what I need.

  3. My oldest black is 07 & I've used it quite a bit, in all weathers, no babying (but no floors). And it has no scuffs or scratches! When did they stop the chevre?
  4. Or maybe you can get an older one, used, so you can see how it holds up???

    Getting a used one would also be less expensive (shop smartly) and you can always turn around and sell it with very little loss if a) you're not happy with it or b) you want to start with a brand new one.

    Honestly, my bag has been through thick and thin and it has held up better than canvas would have. It's my little touch of luxury and I adore it!

    You're really wanting this but feeling guilty -- I think you deserve to treat yourself :smile:
  5. If I understand correctly, 07 was a mixture of both leathers (depending on the bag). I also know a lot of people love that year, even in the lamb.
  6. You're right, I do feel guilty. But I satisfy this guilt by buying something that's fashionable (an LV canvas) at half the cost. I've always been happy with LVs. It's just that I came across bal bags and loved the way they slouched and looked so soft to the touch. I can wait on bal for a least till the kids get a bit older.
  7. Interesting. So the leather from previous bags was more durable? I can see that. I don't think this was meant to be...just not right now.
  8. There are some people that are loving the new bags/leather even more and selling the older ones (hence some deals) so they can get more of the new!

    I fell in love with Balenciaga when it was only chevre and I couldn't afford it. When I finally decided to splurge, I got my dream bag and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. To be honest, I was a bit angry with myself for waiting so long... But I. like you, needed to wait until I felt comfortable with the expenditure.

    The time will never be "right," but at some point you'll let go of your guilt... It's all right, you know? You deserve good things too! But don't beat yourself up if you're not comfortable with it.

    And, like I said, the new leathers have many fans (and I may be one of them -- I'm just grumpy that I've had to wait so long to stroke it). The durability issue I brought up, may be a load of bollocks! But I do suggest if you indulge yourself, definitely get a dark colour (preferably black or one that might look good with a bit more distress).
  9. You're so kind! Don't think I'll ever overcome the guilt till my kids are married and gone...and even then I'll probably want to give to my kids and grandkids after that.

    I'm pretty lucky though, I just ordered an LV canvas and a key chain...that's a lot of money for a mom of two to be spending on herself. I'm very lucky! And blessed! I'm a pretty happy camper right now. So please, don't feel sorry for me or think that I'm being totally selfless, because I'm not...I just spent some big bucks on myself. I just have to be reasonable.

  10. I don't think they wear that well. With a lot of use they start to look a bit tattered, and I'm someone that's really quite careful with my handbags. That (along with the expensive price tag) is the downside to Bal bags. :sad:
  11. Not sure if they were more durable -- I only have 1 bag from 04 and another from 05, but the leather is noticeably different! It's thicker and just butttery-er. Really really luscious chevre leather. Since 06, I think it's been more hit and miss. Some bags are terribly dry while others are really chewy and soft. I think it varies more across the bag than season, but older bags (pre-05) overall have more consistent leather I think.
  12. ITA -- handles and corners are the first to go and if your bag has RH, tassels will split and if you don't do anything, they can break off :sad:
  13. I agree too - Bal handles just flip me out. The cords start to look worn so quickly. Even light colored Bbags that aren't in too bad condition otherwise can have darkened cords and it ruins the whole look, if you wear the bag over the shoulder and the handles drop down.

    Also as people have said, the corners can be delicate. The RH tassles stretch and show wear where you hold them to open the bags and pockets. Not to mention how some of the colors are very prone to fading and yellowing in the sun.

    I have many pale blue & green leather Pradas and have thrown them around for years, and they're as tough as they come & seem indestructible. But I restrict myself to only a few Bals - there's a difference between a 'broken in' bag and one that has had its best days....
  14. They get so much more precious with use. I feel that my pourpre now looks like a gem. :biggrin: