Balenciaga durable enough for everyday use??

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  1. I have a City (black) which I use everyday and it still looks new! Of course I do not put it on the floor or do anything to cause scuffs or wear to the bottom or corners! I never figured out how anyone wore the leather through on the corners. You would have to be rough! If you just lay it down and not drag it! Well I just have never understood the corners wearing away. I take care of my bag with LMB and have high hopes it will not wear with proper care!
  2. To me if you can get just one the black city rh is the way to go ! Lightweight, beautiful and IMO durable! and I love tassels!

  3. Or maybe velo if she has a lot to carry & needs messenger?

  4. Or maybe velo if she has a lot to carry & needs messenger? Of course, city you can use more for evenings out, too.
  5. I never understood that either! I mean what are they doing to these bags to get them like that. I get that corners get scuffed, even MJ's that are pretty indestructible get scuffed corners. I think these bags just need reasonable care.
  6. No I never understood how people can get the corners of there Bbags eaten away like little bugs have chewed on them? I would think you would have to literally scrape them on things to get them to wear that way! Really how do you get leather to wear actual holes? without scraping it!
  7. Well, I'd probably be one of those people with scratched up corners. I run around carrying baseball and volleyball equipment, I carry snacks and water bottles (sometimes small coolers) for sporting events, and just basically run around like a crazy woman after her overly-active children.
    These beautiful bal bags were most probably not meant for women like me...more for young, childless, carefree women.
    All you beautiful ladies who have taken the time to respond to this post: Enjoy your beautiful bal bags for me!
  8. Hey, never say never! I am 56 with 2 grown children! and I enjoy my Bal and still manage to run around!
  9. You'll know when you really want to get one and you will love having it and using it all the time. You're right, I don't take mine to the kids ball fields very often. Usually just bring my key fob and maybe a canvas bag.

    About your limited edition LVs...I wouldn't want to sell those either! I have this very special Chloe that I never use, but just can't bear to sell her. I completely understand! ;)

    Oh and one last thing...I don't understand how corners would get chewed through either! Scuffing is a normal hazard, but I don't know what people do to completely rip up the corners! :nuts:

  10. Good for you! Enjoy your bags! Not being able to get a bal doesn't really make me sad because it's my kids first...there will be time for me later. I'm just going to have to stay away from looking at bags...keep temptation out!
  11. Yes, not practical for what I want. Think I'm going to stick to LV canvas bags for now. They hold up like steel and they still look fashionable. Hey, I've got little kids and I've got to make some sacrifices.
    So I've made up my bal bags for the time being. I'll get a new LV canvas for now.
    Thank you ladies for such great really helped me make my decision and I'm happy with it.
  12. I have two small boy and two large dogs and I am always running around in messy places - dog parks, soccer games, etc. and my Bals have held up well - the Part Time is really good because you can just wear it crossbody when things get hectic - Bals really do look better with age and wear well - there is just something about Bals that make them the bag you will fall in love with -
    I would get a dark colored part time or courier style and I bet it wears very well....
  13. Oh're giving me second thoughts now! I was happy with my decision till I read your response.
    I just got off the phone with LV and ordered my Damier Azur canvas and key chain. It's a lot less expensive than the bal bag and it will hold up extremely well. I'm pretty happy with my choice...will hold up like steel and I saved money too!
  14. Yes it's durable. But part time with GH is very very heavy (for me anyway). Do you consider Velo? I like the long strap that you can wear cross body and be able to get things out easily. I have RH City and sometime I find it's more practical to use it as a hand held bag rather than shoulder bag.
  15. I've decided to go with LV will take more abuse, I think. Thanks!