Balenciaga durable enough for everyday use??

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  1. I think that a Day is a great bag for a mom on the go. It is a light bag and not as heavy as some of the others in Giant Hardware, which it sounds like you would like. It holds alot, but also looks great without too much stuff inside of it. It hangs very comfy on the shoulder, and doesn't have the edges that get scuffed as easily as some of the other bags. Since it is a shoulder bag, and not a handbag, I don't think you would have trouble with handles darkening like you might on some of the others. I would suggest a darker colored bag for everyday use. Black and Anthra hold up very well, as would a dark brown like Charbon or Chantaigne. Or even one of the dark blues like Officer and (hopefully) Canard. I have a black day bag that I have carried for weeks at a time all over Europe and other places, haven't taken any special care of it, put in on the floor, etc., and it still looks great. Please let us know your decision.
  2. Very much so! I do like to be careful though with the corners and bottom of my bag.
  3. I think that for a leather bag, Balenciaga is extremely durable. I think you run the risk with any all leather bag of scuffing. I agree that you cannot kill LV canvas, but unless you are particularly abusive to your bags, Balenciaga should hold up pretty well. Maybe you could carry the PT to work and the LV on the weekends. I carry mine to work every day and haven't had any problems. I don't have small children, though, so your lifestyle is probably a little more hectic than mine, LOL. I would consider the extra weight of the GH, however, if you plan to carry a lot. Otherwise, the PT with GH is a very classy looking handbag.
  4. I think Bbags are super durable. Mine get smooshed into carryon bags, put on the ground at football games, tossed on the floor in the car--not intentionally trying to damage them but like you, life goes on! I have had a couple of lighter colored bags and had to clean them occasionally with neutral shoe cream but my browns, greys, blues, reds etc have held up through tons of "normal" use. I don't wear hand carried styles; I prefer day and the old giant hobo but I have a couple of city bags that I use over the arm or with a shoulder strap and I haven't had any handle wear problems. If you are worried about wear I would pick a darker color or one that is worn on the shoulder or with a shoulder/crossbody strap.
  5. ^^ agreed :yes:
  6. yea, I know I have quite a few bags, but my bbags get the most use. I usually take another brand out for a day or two, but i constantly think about my bbags and always go back to them and so they get the most use. I do treat the handles with LMB and their pro-treatment. I don't throw them around, but then I take care of all of my bags so they stay in good condition.

    the day might be a great bag for you!
  7. YES YES YES! on a daily basis!!!
  8. Thank you TMitch6542! Shoulder bag would be practical for me...but I love the satchel, hold in your hand style. I guess I've got to make some sacrifices, right?
  9. I just started getting colors, and I am being more careful with those (everyday yes, but careful), but black I've had for a while and that I haven't felt the need to be too careful, tho I never put my bags on the floor.
  10. I have to say that the black city I have is holding up better than any of the others I have had in colors. I use it just about everyday and simply put some appleguard conditioner on the corners every 2-3 months. There is no scuffing on this bag. I use the handles and the strap. Both still look new. So I would advise you to go with black if you are getting a city or work. Even in dark colors I have seen corner wear on my bags. I have never had a DAY although I am lusting after a sorbet RH...this may be a great idea for you. With the soft corners and big front and interior pockets you should be able to organize pretty well (a couple coin purses work great too or a bag organizer). I love the slouch on the day so you probably wouldn't want to make it too structured.
  11. "beauxgoris", "cbarrus", "mcs111", and all you other wonderful ladies: THANK YOU!! You've been so helpful in giving your advice and opinions. Thank you for taking the time to help out. I'm trying to spend my money wisely because I probably won't get another chance like this any time soon...I've got school, braces, iPods, and all that stuff to buy instead...and I want to make a wise decision. Honestly, I don't know what to do. Maybe I should skip the bag and save for my little girls' car...that would be the sensible thing to do.
  12. "patti35jewel", you're right, there's something about black. I look at pics of black bal bags and they look so soft and smooshy that I feel I have to have one. That's the bag addict coming out in me...I've been trying to suppress this feeling and have been quite successful for almost a year. Promised my husband I'd stop buying expensive bags almost a year ago and I'm tempted, very tempted, to fall off the wagon.
  13. I can relate. I have to limit myself to 1 bag per year these days. Anything else I might get is by selling existing stuff for an even exchange. I love expensive bags and particularly bal bags. I try to think of it as a kind of hobby since I don't really spend money on anything like that. I think a black bag is a really practical purchase for you have any of your old bags that you might want to "recycle?" If I have any guilt about the purchase, it just ruins it so that helps me to judge when I need to resist! ;)

  14. Yes, I try to sell what I don't want anymore to try and pay for the new bag...but I'm down to only the limited edition LVs that I really wanted to hold on to. Don't know why I'm holding on to them, I hardly ever use them.
    And you're right, if I feel guilty about the purchase, I find that I'm not happy with it in the end. It's got to be something I'm absolutely crazy about. The problem with me is that I like expensive bags but I spend a lot of money on my kids too. Can't really have both, so I've got to tone down spending on myself. Gosh, this is tough for me when it comes to designer bags.