Balenciaga durable enough for everyday use??

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  1. Ladies,

    Thinking about buying my first balenciaga bag---part time in giant silver hardware---and wanted some information first.

    Is the leather durable enough for everyday use...perhaps for carrying to work on a daily basis? Or recreationally every weekend?

    Please help me, I can't decide on whether to buy or not.

  2. absolutely! I wouldn't buy a bag that I couldn't use everyday if I wanted to. They are very durable.
  3. Thanks redskater!
    Boy, from the looks of your don't have to use the same bag everyday. I'm not as fortunate---have to watch my pennies---I have to find something I can use on a daily basis and keep its looks.
  4. They get better with use I think! I just try to be somewhat careful with the corners and all my bags still look brand new, just softer and more distressed than when I bought them, which I love!
  5. I think that Bals are very durable for the most part but they do show wear pretty quickly. Most people around here don't seam to mind the scuffed corners or darkened/ fraying handles, but if you're anything like me, you will!

    If I'm being brutally honest, I suggest you baby your bag a little to avoid these things happening so quickly. I think that the whole "it gets better with age thing" is only true if you like the look of a worn in bag. I don't. I like my bag to retain it's color, I like my handles fresh and my corners not scuffed. To keep my bags this way, I have to take extra care of them.

  6. I totally agree with you

    If i am paying almost 2k for a bag, i will baby it and i expect it to last me a long time. I been wearing mine for almost 2 weeks since i got it and i baby it like crazy.

    I like my bags to look new and well taken care of!
  7. littlerock,
    Thank you for being brutally honest. I'm like you, I don't like scuffed edges and I like my handles fresh. Gosh, I'm usually pretty careful with my bags...but with two kids and constantly running around to sports activities, don't know if this is a good choice.
    Maybe I should just stick to the LV canvas, it's pretty durable.

    Thanks "wantabalenciaga" and "littlerock"!
  8. Maybe if you get a Day it seems more of an everyday bag and the corners are not sharp like work and city so seems like you would get less scuffing on the corners :dunno:
  9. The day is an excellent suggestion!

    I find that the corners of my Works have scuffed edges (and I take realllllllly great care of my bags). I don't notice the changes with the handles (maybe I'm not paying enough attention).

    Overall, I think that Bals wear beautifully--the leather just softens and drapes like you couldn't imagine, and any "imperfections" add to the look of the bag (edgy chic!).

    Good luck making your decision!
  10. Good idea...but I think that I'd pile so much stuff into the bag that I wouldn't be able to find things later. Hey, I'm a mom...I just naturally carry lots of stuff.
  11. Thank you! Gosh, now I'm really I like the worn look or constantly protect the bag? Hum? I kind of like not having to think about my bag...guess I'd better make a different choice.
  12. Absolutely, and they get better with age!!!!
  13. Balenciaga is def suitable for everyday use imo. Thats one of the reasons why I keep coming back to this brand, because I know they are durable.
  14. they have bag organizers for that!

    check it out!!