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  1. Just wondering...anyone else start getting that itchy, "must-buy" something feeling every now and then? As I await my 1st two bbags (magenta GH and Tomato City GH), I've bought a couple little accessries, but am getting antsy again. I keep checking around for coin purses, clutches, etc. Anyone else go through this? Antsy...antsier...antsiest...seaerch, Await delivery. Happy, content...then....slowly....antsy...antsier...:nuts:

    Honsetly, it's like a drug....looking for another bbag fix...
  2. Just got my fix.....BIN on a rouille day!!:whistle:
  3. OMG! I was itchy and antsy this morning so I bought an Anthracite Coin Purse! And now I am thinking of a Cafe Messenger bag!

    We are all enablers....:nuts:
  4. I think the worst enabler ever is to have a co-worker that sits right next to you that is obsessed to Balenciaga and has her own collection egg you on to buy another one. I just purchased my first Grenat First at the Balenciaga NYC trunk show. I love it and that's when I got hooked. I just recently bought an Ink Twiggy, and am on the list for the Grape day and the tomato twiggy. Is it really bad to get 4 bals in one year???!!! It is an addictive OBSESSION!!!:nuts:
  5. i need drugs to help me stop buying so many b-bags!!!! i just got an anthra work and am toying with the idea of a black courier - what, am i crazy??? yes, the answer is yes :nuts:
  6. I know the feeling. Ebay at 3am. hehehe.

  7. one year?? try one month. welcome to the club! :yes:
  8. I share everyone's pain. But City...honestly, I realy do think my DH wonders what's got me so enthralled when e gets up and I'm staring blearly-eyed at the computer screen...TERRIFIED something will appear on E-bay, AFF, Bluefly...SOMEWHERE...that I cannot live without. GAHHHHH!!! :wtf::P:nuts::confused1::sad::Push:
  9. seriously!!! Its a drug...i got my first last week and now i have 3 Bbags:wtf:...

    Hello my name is Lo and I am an addict:s
  10. Oh I'm dreaming of a Magenta coin purse, I understand how addicts feel now!......... If I was rich I would be out of control!
  11. Holy Bales Batman!! :lol: Get OUT!!! Are you serious?? Surely that must set some sort of (sick) record???? I bow at your bbag shrine. Wowsa!
  12. OMG Marie....Magenta with GH aside, you and I could NEVER be friends!! We'd kill each other!! :graucho: I'm sitting here fantasizing about a magenta makeup clutch. Oh Lord, I need help. Fast.
  13. maggien LOL a make up clutch would be awesome :yahoo:
    ALSO My name is a Marie I am also an addict....but I have no interest in quiting:supacool:
  14. I neeeeed my Bbag FIX :nuts: :wtf: :nuts:
  15. :roflmfao: My name is Peg and I'm also an addict but I'm just getting started. I may start a step recovery program...wean fellow members onto..I dunno...Chanel? Then maybe....LV...then maybe COACH??? Then....well.....:shrugs: a ziplock baggie?! Just STAY OUT OF TORONTO!!!