Balenciaga DOG carrier??!

  1. I didn't know Bal made these....unless it's fake?

  2. I have no clue~ but it looks like a shopping style! Maybe it's a limited edition they are coming out with. How did you find that picture?
  3. Is it Canvas? Or leather?
  4. ^^I think it might be an old picture. I found it on
  5. ^^^I heard from an SA at Barney's that there are going to be new lilmited edition bags coming in soon this year. He said they were expecting some in. He described it as a canvas body with leather trim.
  6. i saw one of the canvas-leather trim bags in Barneys yesterday, and they definitely had hardware, unlike the bag in this pic.
  7. ^^^DB~ what shape was the bag? Was it the city???? Thanks!
  8. Its "bowlenciaga"....that's what it is....yeah....def fake.
  9. it was actually the mens day :shrugs:

    kinda ugly too, black canvas with a blueberry (?) leather trim, and bright silver hardware. i didnt see any of them in the womens section, though i was only browsing the couriers there, so i might have missed it if they have the canvas ones in other styles.
  10. ^^^That is what my SA said~ he kept saying their getting blue!