Balenciaga Dictionary Of Abbreviations

  1. Im struggling to work out what they all are?? RH, GH.. etc

    Can someone help me and possibly show me examples?

    Im farely new to b'bags! Sorry!
  2. I don't have pictures, and I'm fairly new myself but I think RH is Regular Hardware, GH is Giant Hardware and SH is Silver Hardware.

    I could be wrong though.
  3. RH= Regular Hardware (i.e all the tassles and brass buckles and zippers etc)
    GH= Giant hardware which was the gold knobs on the bags last season and is now available in silver giant hardware for the new season. This version has no tassles associated with the classic bbags.
    PT= Part-time bag
    I'm sure others will post more abbreviations. You can also check the reference library for pics of the different bags.
  4. thanks girls! keep them coming!!!
  5. and of course,

    GGH= Giant Gold Hardware
    GSH= Giant Silver Hardware
    FB= Flat Brass (highly coveted older hardware...)

    and stanby for the NM 100th anniversary Balenciaga special edition bag which has, I BELIEVE, Nickel hardware...can't remember if it's Giant or Regular. Jag has posted a photo someone in here.....
  6. thanks! this really helps because i'm new to balenciaga as well. i don't think this is hardware, but what is RTT? TIA!
  7. and HG? what is HG bags? thanks again!
  8. HG means "holy grail". :yes:
  9. Thank God you asked...When I joined purse forum, I felt like a dummy because I don't text anyone and everyone abbreviates so many things. It takes me a few times to read something over and then i figure it out.
    Now, that i am into Balenciaga(BBags) I have another world of abbreviations!:confused1:
  10. Ain't it funny how "abbreviations" is such a long word?

    In an effort to adequately inform all of our new bbag addicts on the way of the world in bbag land, here is a Balenciaga Dictionary of Abbreviations.

    This is not just for the new, but for the well-established gurus of bbags too. Even genius' forget! :shocked:

    This will ensure the ease of transition from any other mediocre-when-compared-to-Balenciaga brand; welcome to this world of painful pleasure and chewy leather.

    Here it goes!

    HW - hardware
    FB - flat brass
    RH - regular hardware
    GSH - giant silver hardware
    GGH - giant gold hardware (sometimes just GH)

    BI - blue india
    RV - rouge vif (red)
    VG - vert gazon (green)


    TPF/PF - the purse forum. duh!
    ITA - i totally agree
    IMO - in my opinion
    IMHO - in my honest opinion
    TIA - thanks in advance
    HTH - hope that helps
    HG - holy grail
    OP - original poster
    DH - (no idea, someone please fill me in. I've been trying to figure this one out since day one. Damn Husband?)

    BALny - Balenciaga New York
    AR - aloha rag
    HG - hgbags
    LVR - luisaviaroma
    NM - Neiman Marcus

    RAOK- random act of kindness
    LMB - lovin my bags
    AG - apple guarde
    LE - limited edition
    SA - sales associate

    WE - weekender
    PT - part time

    Oh, and to all you veterans out there, feel free to chime in. I'm sure I forgot a ton of abbreviations.


    (My apologies if this has been done before...)
  11. Very helpful, ReRe!! :tup:

    How about:

    S/S - Spring/Summer
    F/W - Fall/Winter

    And one to add under styles -

    RTT - Reduction du Temps de Travail

    p.s. DH = Dear Husband (but people probably use Damn Husband too if they're angry w/him). :p
    Also, so glad to see you added HTH to your list. That had me stumped for a while!
  12. DH - dear husband or damn husband or maybe even dead husband! (sorry to sound so creepy, but whatever works right?)

    there's also:
    SO - significant other
    BF - boy friend or best friend

    my personal favorite is:
    PHH - purse hating husband! :roflmfao:
  13. Yes thank you! The only one I could ever think of for DH is Damn Husband - and I'm not even married. :p

    Keep em comin ladies.

    VF - vert fonce (dark olive)
    VD - vert deau (sean green)

  14. Sayings/phrases:
    AFAIK - as far as i know
    KWIM - know what i mean
    IRL - in real life
    HTHS - hope that helps some

    this should be a sticky, imo :smile:
  15. Awesome thread! ITA, a great sticky....

    FBF -- Flat Brass First

    AG -- Apple Green
    FB -- French Blue