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  1. Hello, fellow b-bag lovers!

    I am wondering if anyone has experience with have an enormous Balenciaga inventory and their prices are pretty reasonable,so
    please let me know what your experience has been with them.

    I just purchased a new Le Compagnon wallet (in the blue/gray color) from Neiman Marcus and on the Diabro site it is $60 cheaper!!

    Any input is greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. moving to shopping...
  3. I've purchased one bag from them and had a great experience. They called the next day to verify my shipping address. I requested a bag with smooth, thick leather and that's what I got! A gorgeous perfect bag! They also shipped quickly. I believe I ordered it late Saturday night, they called me Sunday and it arrived on Weds. to Los Angeles.
  4. yep, I had the same experience..I was VERY happy with my bag, the fast shipping and especially the price!:tup:
  5. Thank you so much for your input...I'm glad to hear that both of you were happy with your bags and the service that you received. I just might give them a try!
  6. I've purchased a few items from Diabro and was really pleased with the service and the merchandise!
  7. So I am assuming that all the handbags from this website are 100% authentic? I was thinking of purchasing the first bag..
  8. They are authentic (as far as I know from TPFers) :smile:
  9. They seem to cost more to me. I found a vert city bbag at NM for 1195(Romie got it,Go girl..great bag) There site it's 1286.96-91.96 difference.
  10. i just received my sienna twiggy from them and i love it! they are wonderful to deal with. took four days to get to kentucky and the bag is gorgeous.
  11. is legit, and they ship fast. However, I heard some tPFers complain their customer services after sale.
  12. I placed order on tuesay, got a phone call on that day itself. Item shipped on Wed , Received on FRIDAY..:tup:
    Packaging was Great.. Prices are reasonable but colour range limited but i say GO FOR IT!
  13. I had great experience with them and was very impressed by the super fast shipping.AS far as authenticity goes, they are both reccomended by tPF as well as the Attelier Naff ( a true testament to bbag knowledge)
  14. does diabro mark down the prices for customs? like aloharag?

    :smile: just read up on diabro and they do..:smile:
  15. Since they price the items according to style, season AND color, the prices vary greatly (for example: the ocean city goes for 1286$ on, while the tabac city goes for 954$... and these bags are from the same season!). So yeah, while not every bag is a great deal, a lot of them are. Wasn't there a tabac day for 600+something dollars? Anyway, the brown and white bags always seem to be the cheapest.