Balenciaga Design Trivia, 2005 s/s vs 2005 pre-fall

  1. As I was happily conditioning and massaging my two City bags this afternoon, I think I noticed the following slight changes in design between the s/s 2005 bags, and those from pre-fall 2005. Please let me know if any of you have noticed them, as well:

    Front pocket, 2005 s/s: no leather facing on inside
    Front pocket, 2005 pre-fall: leather facing

    Bottom of bag: 2005 s/s: no reinforcement, just leather and fabric lining (as far as I can tell)

    Bottom of bag: 2005 pre-fall: light reinforcement added, definitely feels firmer, less drapey than the earlier bag.

    The 2005 s/s in question is also one of the ones with the un-notched rivets. Re. the leather, (I know, for like the millionth time), the s/s bag's leather feels almost like it's padded. It is quite a bit thicker than the pre-fall's, but not heavier. Actually, I like both, but the heft on the s/s leather does feel quite lovely!
  2. YESSSSS!!!!
    I love a lot of different seasons bbags but the ones prior to 2005 prefall really do seem to have more of a luxurious leather. AND I prefer the unreinforced bottom.
    Bahahaaaa... I wonder if I'd ever say the same of my own bottom.
  3. Yes, I agree about the difference in thickness between the s/s and pre-fall. I have a friend who has a taupe s/s -City and we compared her bag against my pre-fall Caramel City. Her bag was definitely thicker.
  4. :roflmfao:
    You crack me up!!!:roflmfao:
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