Balenciaga Demand/Desire going Up or Down?


Value of Balenciaga right now

  1. Going UP (definitely getting another soon!!)

  2. Going DOWN (ummm...I think I should sell while it's still good)

  3. About the same...

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    As I was around the Chanel boards (a new obsession), a few handbag mavens were saying that the value of Balenciaga is going down relative to Chanel.

    I did notice that recently on Bonanza that a few bags that I thought would have been snapped up have sat for a while. Is this in my mind or is it just me??? I still love my bags and so I'm obsessed, but I know many of us have many handbag tastes, not just Balenciaga.

    It would be great if you give more information in this thread in addition to voting in my poll on why you think this or why not! :chatty::chatty::chatty:
  2. I didn't 'vote' because I think it depends on certain criteria:

    • Popular color - certain colors are beloved; and especially if they are from a prior Year/Season, you are likely to be able to get your money back.
    • Leather - certain Year/Seasons had fabulous leather ('05, '07) .. and still Chevre, which IMO .. is more valuable than the Agneau.
    • Certain Styles - let's face it, now that Balenciaga has eliminated the Giant HW (especially the Gold), those that were fans will pay for a coveted color with the GGH.
    • Rare "oldies" - while there is a lesser audience now, a rare oldie in EUC .. can still bring in the $$$.

    For a while there, Bal bags were super-hot .. and folks were making $$$ when selling them; don't think that's the case anymore. Bal has upped it's production significantly versus the early years (one of the reasons why they were so coveted), so there's simply more to go around. While I think the mini-Giant HW looks nice on the City, I think Bal made a mistake in putting it on the Part-Time and other bags. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, but .. feh, didn't really like it.

    As far as Chanel vs Balenciaga .. here's my thoughts:

    • I really think that Balenciaga (in general) typically appeals to a younger audience (although there are still plenty of us who might not fit that category anymore - we're "young at heart"!!). Since these gals are not yet in their maximum earning years, the price point and style is more suitable. Oftentimes, you will see gals initially get Bal bags .. and then start to sell them to fund the higher-priced brands (Chanel, Celine, Hermes).
    • Chanel is more of a "lady" style, and certainly .. way more expensive than a Bal bag. Let's face it, a classic Flap is a gorgeous bag, but does it really go with a super casual outfit?? I would say that those who buy Chanel (or other higher end bags) are women of "substance" .. meaning that they are probably going to be older and have more disposable income (whether it's theirs or the H/B).
    Bottom line, I think people need to be realistic when selling pre-loved bags. Especially if the bag is relatively *new* - from a Year/Season perspective. I have to admit, I get a good laugh sometimes when I look at *Bay and BNZ and the prices that the sellers want! The days of getting a good profit from Bal Bags is not like it used to be, but that's not to say that it can't happen .. it just depends.
  3. I think that the value of Bal has gone down. I agree with Ceejay that certain ones will fetch a high price. Last year and the year before, Bals were very difficult to get and there was high demand. The introduction of mGH has slowed things down a bit.

    In terms of Chanel, I used to be an avid collecter but stopped. The price increases were ridiculous and outside of the classics (red, black, navy, beige)flaps or reissues, I didn't really dont find anything attractive. The quality has gone down and the retail price is absurd. Outside of vintage, I will not buy anything Chanel.
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    From a relative newbie (+/-2 years, older in age than the average Bal Gal , no "disposable" income, although I manage to throw enough of it away); couldn't say it better than CeeJay. One thing I do notice is that people tend to expect excellent to new condition, even when the bag is below half price. I've taken this long to finally come to the conclusion that the rh City is my bag of choice, but I had to try every style to end up there. Still can't afford a Black rh City in great condition because they sell for high prices. In spite of the cessation of Giant Hardware, I would have to give away my 2 remaining GH Cities to sell them, which I'm not ready to do. I think this is because they are not the more popular colors. Otherwise, it seems to be somewhat random as to what folks will pay for what. Unfortunately, I've done a fair amount of "buy high, sell low" because of my impatience to have a certain bag. I'm not that experienced yet to know which ones are the real "jewels", so I keep watching the auctions and reading tPF. Can't afford/don't have the lifestyle for Chanel and Hermes, and just don't appreciate the Celine styles for myself (love them on others) to pay for them. What I love about Bal is that the styles stay basically the same, so next year's bag isn't passe. It is automatically classic, and in the RH, doesn't seem overdone (to me) for a "Fall Chicken" (as opposed to a Spring Chicken). Just edgy enough for me to get away with, because I don't like plain bags as much. So, I don't feel I have enough longevity with the brand to vote, but I did it anyway--I said "values have dropped", but totally think CeeJay nailed the specifics.
  5. ITA *saira* .. I only have 2 Chanel bags .. the Distressed (original) XL Cabas and an oldie Bordeaux Caviar briefcase (which I should really sell 'cos I don't use it). I have always felt that Chanel is just too "ladylike" for my style, but also .. the prices are NUTS!! Not that I'm thrilled with the cost of Balenciaga .. and as a result, my buying has slowed down A LOT!!! I'm a LOT more picky on what will fit with what I wear; the climate here .. also find that just because the leather on a particular bag is TDF, I need to stick with the style that is practical for me .. the Part-Time (sheesh - that took a while, huh?!!? :shame::pullhair:smile:. Given the economy, I'm not sure that any bag (other than maybe Hermes) really brings in a profit nowadays .. everyone is looking for a bargain!
  6. Totally agree with Ceejay!
    Saira I am with you on the Chanel. Increased prices for decreased quality makes no sense to me. I only buy vintage as well.
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  8. I think the demand for Bbags has gone down from the heyday when they would sell for crazy amounts. Bal produces a lot more than they did before so it's easier to get what you want than it was in years past. Also like many designers they have raised prices while lowering the quality of product produced. So those who still buy are a lot more picky and selective as to what they get each season. While some HTF bags may still fetch a bit more than easy to find bags or unpopular colors they don't fetch the crazy prices they did a while back. I also think that the economy is playing a roll in why you see so many bags up for sale and those up for sale may sit around for a while esp if the seller is expecting full retail. Some people may be experiencing finical hardships so they are selling off their collections to make ends meet. People are expecting to get a deal when buying used and they are able to get it because the resale market is full with bags for sale if you want to sell you need to price your item appropriately and be realistic as to what you'll get for it.

    As far as Chanel goes I don't really follow the brand too much. I like them but they just don't suit my lifestyle along with their price increases are in a price range I don't feel comfortable spending on a bag(haven't gone over the 2k mark for a handbag and really have no desire too). One thing I've gathered of those who buy Chanel is they quality has gone down while having pretty hefty price increases. So over all you could say that they retain a higher resale value that Bal dose simply based on their price point is higher along with their continuous price increases.

    In the end my only pace of advice is NEVER buy a handbag under the illusion that it is an investment. It really bugs me when people consider their handbags as investments because they are not. I consider buying a handbag similar to buying a car, it instantly looses value once used/driven off the lot. Buy a handbag because it's something that you want, can afford, and is practical for your needs. When something no longer fits your needs I say sell it because it still has life left in it their is still some value just like their is value in most used items. Let someone else enjoy the bag and recoup some of your money. IMO handbags at this price point cost too much money to end up sitting in your closet collecting dust.
  9. BINGO!!! Couldn't agree with you more! I've always considered myself a collector (mind you, others might think I'm nuts!) .. but buying a bag thinking you're going to make a hefty profit?!?! .. NOPE!
  10. I've learned my lesson well, that's why if I'm gonna buy, I'll make sure it's for my collection only and just pass it to my love ones if I don't need it anymore ;)
  11. i definitely think the price people are willing to pay is not as much as they did before. i remember it was so hard for me to afford older styles that i love on bay because people are bidding like crazy, but i did manage to sell some of my old b-bags with great price to afford some chanels that i like.
  12. I only started buying Bal 3 or 4 years ago, back then there was often barely anything on HGBags and now there's pages and pages. More supply has driven used prices down.

    Also people may be more aware of the limitations of Bals, many other boards mention the wear and fading issues.

    My first Bal, I paid a LOT for a used bag and felt lucky to get it in the color I wanted, even though wasn't in great condition. I bought the rest of them new, but they've worn and faded and discoloured SO quickly that I'll end up selling them for deliberately low prices cause I'm terrified of these fanatical picky buyers.

    I've bought a couple of all leather LV bags recently and the leather is tough and seems like it'll last forever. More brands are making interesting colours now too. I've really enjoyed Bal fever while it lasted, but I want more quality for the money now.
  13. I started buying Bals a year ago and I am still infatuated with them. I can see no wear on them because they are relatively new and I rotate a lot. I love the feel of the leather, the smell and everything. I always buy them new because I am picky too and a 20 per cent lower price is not worth buying a used bag. I never considered them an investment though, an investment to my outfit yes, but not to my wallet. I tried selling one of them but I live in Europe and in US prices are higher, however the money I was offered was very little in comparison to the prices they sell afterwards. So I kept it, also because it is a GGH City. I guess the demand is going down because IMO the prices are going up and the quality is going down. The mGH, the thinner strap and handles on the Giant bags which makes them the same as RH ones ... I really was disappointed this year. So the new ones I bought were not Giant they were RH. It is sad though when you see a product you have come to love so much to be going down but I guess they should be the ones to do something about it.
  14. I still feel the same about my existing Bals - I love them! That said, I really can't see myself ever buying another one. Aside from the fact I now have the two bags I have always wanted (both preloved oldies), I don't see anything exciting from Bal any more. I've had problems with fading in previous bags, and that has put me off ever buying another at full price, also I look at the leather and the quality of today's bags and they just seem so....*blaah*
    It's a shame. I still think Balenciaga will remain the brand I love most, but unless things change a lot (bring back GH, bring back Chevre, bring back some excitment to the brand!), I won't buy any more.
  15. :p:tup: