Balenciaga Day vs. Coach Carly large

  1. Hello ladies~! :yahoo:

    i need a big slouchy shoulder bag for casual use... :yes: which one's more practical in terms of comfort and durability? and why?

    l_0e3e351c8b02f75f86c1f970ca424170.jpg <--- photo courtesy of sred2

    rouge.jpg <--- Photo courtesy of ladybugfreckle

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Jacquard is water resistant so the Carly gets my vote since you mention durability. It's got a nice wide shoulder strap, so it's comfortable too.

    But I love the red on the Bbag!

  3. i know!!! me too!!! isn't it the most delicious red u've ever seen?? it's Rouge Theatre, a 2005 colour... :love: very highly sought after.
  4. I'd say Balenciaga... but I am very very biased towards it :p
  5. Balenciaga Day. Very lightweight and sits on the shoulder comfortably. Plus the leather is smooshier, so it will be more slouchy.
  6. I'd go for the Bbag...the color it too hot to pass up.
  7. I vote for the Bbag too!
  8. Bbag! So lightweight and comfy to carry, and the leather and that color can't be beat!
  9. Balenciaga. Can't even compare it to Coach.
  10. I'd get the bbag - no contest!
  11. Bbag. I didn't even need to look.:p
  12. The Day is the best. Can't compare to Coach in any way.....
  13. Bbag.
  14. Like the coach style but love Balenciaga brand. I'm not a fan of Coach.
  15. the red