Balenciaga Day vs. City/Medium?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    You guys are all so helpful and knowledgeable...I'm hoping you can help me out with your opinions again. I just got my Work size B-bag, and I've got the bug. I'm addicted to Balenciaga! So, now I'm wondering about getting a City bag or a Day bag. The SA at Balenciaga recommended the Day bag -- she got her sister one. (I've got two babies, so that's why she recommended it and her sister has kids, too). Does anyone have the Day style? What do you guys think?
  2. I have both the day and city styles. I have to say that I prefer my city bags, but I love the day for travel. The day is great if you are interested in a shoulder bag that looks good with just a few things inside or "stuffed".
  3. i've just got a city and a twiggy, i find that the city holds a lot! what colour are you going to get???
  4. I think you can stuff a bit more in the day the day. But really what it comes down to is how you want to carry it. I don't like the way the city hangs when I use the shoulder strap so I end up carrying it on my arm or hand. The day works *perfectly* on the shoulder so your hands are free.
    Cheers, Carolyn
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  5. Thanks, Ladies.

    I've been doing some thinking since I first posted. The Work is really hard to carry on my shoulder -- can't wear a jacket/sweater and do that. And, it's too hard to keep it in the crook of my arm as I'm trying to hold my preschoolers hand, carry the toddler, or push them in the stroller! So, now I'm thinking of returning the Work -- haven't used it yet. And getting the City in Cornflower and getting a Day in black. What do you guys think?
  6. 0o00o0o, i love the cornflower!!!! i've got it in the twiggy!!!!!!!! :smile:
  7. Sounds like a good plan, to me! I want a city..:cry: too.
  8. I love the Day! there aren't a thousand copies of it everywhere you look, either. I'm planning on getting one as soon as I have the cash.
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  9. What does the day bag look like? I have a city, which I love. Today I got the work, which I like, but I think I like the city better--wish it was alittle bigger. I hasve the cornflower blue-great color!!! Can someone tell me what the day looks like? thanks!!! Jill
  10. Hi Jill,

    Yes, I like the City -- the work is perfect in size except that there's no shoulder strap! Otherwise, it'd be perfect. You can check out the day at: Go to the style section and they list all the styles with photos.
  11. i have the city and am looking into the day as well. the city is sometimes too small for everyday. guess that's why they call it the day bag. haha!
  12. OMG! That website can be served as a tutorial! Definitely gonna save it as my favorite!
  13. Fabulous compromise! I have both (city in cornflower and day in black)...this is a great, versatile combination.