Balenciaga Day vs. Chanel Modern Chain

  1. I know, I know, 2 completely different bags. But I need everyone's help. I have the 07 Chanel Modern Chain N/S Bag. But I am absolutely in love with the Balenciaga Day bag. I can keeponly only have one. I have wanted the Chanel for a year and finally got it, but I haven't used it and it seems alittle heavy. I tend to keep things in the closet when I'm not sure about what I want to do. I just adore the Balenciaga bag and know that it is quite light. I do own the the Chanel Baby Coco Cabas and love her!:heart: I just don't want to end up regreting not keeping the Chanel. What would you folks do? Help!!:wtf:
  2. Hm.. Normally I would say keep the Chanel, especially since you wanted it for a year. The problem is, if you never wear it because it's too heavy, then it's pointless.

    Keep the bag you're more likely to wear. It's stupid to buy a bag only to drool at it at home instead of actually wearing it. :yes: Try wearing the Chanel a few times with all of your stuff inside. If the weight really is unbearable, then go for the Balenciaga.

    I have both Balenciaga and Chanel. Balenciaga is a lot lighter, but it is IMO a bit trendier. Then again, the Modern Chain is semi-trendy depending on who you ask.
  3. I have the Balenciaga Day and I love it .... I also have Chanel bags....
    do you think you want to keep the Chanel just because it's CHANEL ....

    I am having the same dilemma actually between buying another Bal Day and a Chanel Expandable and finally had to ask myself that same question :p
  4. Yes, I think your right. I want to keep the Chanel because it is a Chanel. I know it sounds completely stupid but you kind of want to scream for joy when you receive this cool bag and you want everyone to know what you are carrying.
  5. I love Bbags but in this case I would choose the Chanel;) I think a Chanel bag will be more of a classic than the Balenciaga motorcycle style JMHO.
  6. This is so funny b/c lately my two favorite designers are Chanel and Balenciaga. I own 2 balenciaga bags and I use them much much much more often than the Chanel bags. Chanel is just in my closet b/c it's so pretty and so classic, I will use it on a special occasion and it'll make up for the $2K that I spent on it. As for the balenciaga, you pay half the price and your use for it will probably be 10x more than a chanel, their bags are super light and super comfortable, I love them. I think you should get the balenciaga and keep the chanel in your closet, you'll regret it if you sell it. Besides, if you sell it, you'll lose money, so just let it sit in your closet until that one night you need to go out with it on a hot date. hope that was helpful

  7. Nope, I know exactly what you mean - LOL!!! But I know I will get way more use out of the Day then this particular Chanel .... I DO use my Chanel Cerf Totes all the time tho, but in this case I am looking for a black shoulder bag and I really wanted the Expandable to be THE ONE but I am thinking the Day is just way more practical and more ME even tho, sadly, it isn't CHANEL :p
  8. if you are not going to use the Chanel, I suggest to get the Balenciaga- no point to keep a beautiful bag in the closet