Balenciaga day shoulder question

  1. Hello!
    I just acquired an INK hobo day Balenciaga. My question is does this style actually break in to stay on your shoulder after a while? I tried it on today and honestly, it keeps slipping off my shoulder. My city shoulder strap stayed on better but of course the city bag was broken in. Any info would be greatly appreciated. The tags are still on it so I could return for another style. I really wanted a "shoulder bag" cause I have a baby and my hands are super full when I go out.
  2. I have five day bags and they stay on my shoulder better than any bag I've ever owned. I actually sold my city because I couldn't get it to stay on my shoulder. Once they are full and have been used a few times then you shouldn't have problems. I use my day bags as diaper bags and love them to death!
  3. Totally agree with circoit !!! I LOVE to wear my day/hobos on my shoulder. The cities I use and wear as a 'hand'-bag only :yes:
  4. :yes: Agree with circuit and First:love: .
    I only use the cities strap when I've done too much shopping :shame:
  5. Thanks!!!! That is really reassuring. I was a little disappointed, thinking maybe my shoulders weren't wide enough or something! :smile:
  6. ^^ If it helps, I've got really narrow shoulders, and the Day stays on, no problem. Its the most comfortable bag (to carry) that I've ever owned.