balenciaga courrier?

  1. just wondering if balenciaga courrier is a permanent style? any ideas what colours they come in '08??
    it seems i havent find anyone mention this style in their threads....
    im desperately want courrier!!!
  2. I'm a newbie, too, but I also think the Courier is really cool...if you look back thru pics of people's bags there are some GORGEOUS couriers. Check out the Courier Club posts under Balenciaga Clubhouse. has some for sale right now.

  3. The courier will still be made in the 2008 colors. The problem is finding one in the US, at least for 2007. BALNY didn't buy any in the 2007 colors, maybe because they had a backlog of 2006 colors. They've been selling those off, so maybe they will order it again, but I don't know if anyone has specifically asked about 2008. I think the same was true of the major US department stores and Aloha Rag. Several people had to get their couriers from BAL in Paris. With so many styles and hardwares to select from, the sellers are letting some styles fall to the wayside.
  4. I know that Bal NY still has some couriers in rouge vif from 2006 which is one of the greatest colors ever. If you like red, you should go for it!!