Balenciaga Courier

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  1. I'm entertaining the thought of getting a Courier for days when I'm not traveling light. I saw (and tried on) the Courier before, but for some reason (maybe it was the color I saw it in) I wasn't in love with it. BUT, I can so see how gorgeous it would be in a bright color! :love: I know the style is not very popular, and I can't seem to find any threads lately that talks about it, but I'm hoping one of you ladies & gents would know if the style is still around? Is it going to be carried to the next season :yes:? Or was it discontinued :crybaby:? TIA! :heart:
  2. hatikuh, the Courier is still around and will be available through the next season.
  3. Oh YAYYYYY!!!!!! Thank you, monsoon!!!! You just made my day!!!! :choochoo::nuts::yahoo:It would be great with the f/w colors! :love:
  4. ^^^Hat~ you're back!!!!:yahoo: I have really missed you!!!:smile::heart:

    Anyway~ I am a huge courier fan!!! I'm actually supposed to be getting one in violet when it comes out. I have an emerald courier now and I love it. I hope to get black and maybe by some struck of luck find the damask courier too!!!!
  5. Ditto! :yes: Welcome back, hati!!! :yahoo:
    I don't have a courier, but a violet one sounds lovely zac!! :heart:
  6. Hi all,

    I was wondering how much the Courier is? And is it a cross body bag?


    Pictures of you wearing the courier would be great as well!
  7. Zacorey....i agree....damask courrier is a great choice!!! i love how it looks on Nicole :smile:
  8. yup, you can wear the courier cross body if you lengthen the strap. It's a really versatile bag!!
  9. since we're on the topic of couriers...

    does anyone have pictures of any couriers in spring 2007 colors? ive always been interested to see if these actually ever came out - the only colors I ever see the courier in are from 2006.
  10. OMG cate22 & zacorey, I miss you two soooo much too!!!!! I'm not really back yet, though, I'm only around now to visit, but I'm planning on really coming back at the end of the year :yahoo: I have a story to tell you! I'll PM you two later :love::shame:

    And zac, damask courier sounds divine!!!!!!! I've been wanting damask for a while now, and I think it looks best on hobo/day and courier! I hope you'll find one!

    illini3, omg, did you say red???? Ack!! I'm in BIG trouble now :drool: self-control... self-control... self-control...
  11. carried will be around and i'm on waitinglist for new violet color ^o^
  12. I'm Considering the Courier too... Hmm, I'm thinking of Blueberry.. All of the posts in here shows how marvellous it is in blue...