Balenciaga Courier - Rouille!

  1. I found it! A gorgeous Courier Rouille. :heart: What do you all think about the Couriers? I have City bags only and I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone. I was ideally looking for a Rouille Hobo, but can't find one anywhere. I never really considered a Courier, so I need a bit of advice here...How do I wear it? I wear a lot of summer dresses & jeans with thongs. I like to mix expensive pieces with simple things. I am keen to wear the Courier both over my shoulder and across my chest, but I don't own anything red at all. Would you consider the Rouille to be a "stand out" piece? Perhaps one of those accessories that just stands out there? I'd love a discussion on this or even pics of PF Courier carriers? Cheers...:flowers:
  2. Anyone?
  3. Have you gotten it yet, or are you waiting for it and speculating while you're waiting? ;) It's not really red ... it's more orange, in my opinion. I love the color for Fall!!

    If you haven't gotten it yet, you might be surprised how BIG it is!!! But it's soooo comfortable to wear messenger style!
  4. No, it's on the way...I have been thinking about it for ages and I am going to really dive in here!
  5. There is a VIF Rouge at my NM and I'm so tempted to get one to use as a school bag! I was so tempted to put it away on my hold shelf several times today. Sigh, it's so dangerous that I'm looking at handbags everyday!
  6. I used to have it and I found it very's so roomy, it held everything I needed and i could wear it messenger style when I needed both my hands! I think you're going to love it, and rouille is such a gorgeous color (this way you get A LOT of it)!
  7. Yep, my courier now!

    I love it! I like wearing it on only one side more than across my shoulder though.

    Now my friend and BF's mom want a courier too :yahoo:
  8. So...Do you have a Courier now? Is it Rouille? Do you have a pic? I am planning on buying it this Friday. Getting very excited now. I have never had a bag this big and "Rouille" before!!! I went shopping today and found a day dress, which is olive green with earthy-tone flowers in print...I bought this dress for my Rouille Courier (which I haven't even met yet!) How sad is that?:love:
  9. congrats on your new rouille courier kitegirl :wlae:...i've got an origan courier & i love the style...and i've got a rouille first & love the color can't go wrong with that combination!!!
  10. I do have a rouille courier and used it all summer with the kids. Its probably my favorite bag. It makes jeans and tshirts pop. I am a neutral gal and it works with all those colors. However, I try to avoid a Halloween theme so I don't use it with black. The shape of the bag is phenomenal! I have gotten more compliments on that bag than any other - including my rouille purse. Good buy!!!
  11. I love the courier!!!! I have it in emerald green! I have received compliments on it too and I really don't get any compliments on my Bbags! LOL
  12. Wahooo! The courier is FANTASTIC!!!! Rouille will definitely stand out and will look great with anything. Post pics when you get it!!!!!
  13. Love the courier and I lovr rouille. I have a eouge vif courier and I love it. I think the courier in the bright colors is amazing. I have a rouille twiggy and the color amazes me constantly - it is bright and happy. I do agree with the shoegal - I do avoid wearing rouille with black, although it is not a true orange so it would probably be OK. Congrats on your new bag.
  14. Wow! I am loving those pics...Thanks you so much EVERYONE for your input. I will not be wearing my Rouille Courier with black that's for sure!

    The Couriers are just so different. We need a thread just for Courier pics!

    I'll post mine asap!
  15. Nope, sorry. Mine is Emerald. I have a photo posted somewhere in the B-bag section.