Balenciaga Courier question?

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  1. Hii, I recently purchased a Balenciaga courier in a navy blueish colour. Anyways I was browsing eBay and noticed that an identical bag of mine also had a cosmetic mirror inside. I am just wondering should mine have come with one? I got all the tags and extra tassles but no mirror :confused1:.

    If it makes any difference I purchased it from the menswear department of a reputable Hong Kong department store. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. if your bag is authentic, and it sounds like it is, you definitely should've gotten a mirror. i'd speak to a SA at that shop and see if you can get it sorted out, maybe it's laying around in storage or something... if you're paying this much money for a bag, you ought to get everything it's supposed to come with :smile:
  3. good question! I was also wondering the same thing as I got an extra-courier from bluefly but without a mirror. Do couriers and extra couriers come with mirrors? :confused1: I just assumed they didn't when mine did't come with one. Can anyone with couriers share your info?
  4. If it's a men's courier, it doesn't come with a mirror. Perhaps the regular courier is considered a women's bag, and the extra is a men's bag? What color is the harware on it ... is it brass or pewter?
  5. Pewter ..I think! I'm not an expert lol, just searched the forum for pictures of hardware and it looks closer to pewter.
  6. Then it would be a men's courier... Which would explain the missing mirror... Everything is allright :yes:
  7. :okay: that's good to know!
  8. Thank you for all your help! I'm glad you're all knowledgable!
  9. just wondering, is there any size difference between courrier and extra courrier?? if so, whats the approximate difference??:huh:
  10. According to, the size of the regular courier in centimeters is: 39 high, 60.5 wide, 21.5 deep, with a strap length of 51 to 60. The extra courier is much bigger and may technically be considered a men's bag.