Balenciaga Courier/Purse, Want Your Opinions!

  1. Hey everyone. Do you think a courier would be a good bag for day trips/work/school bag? Or more importantly do you think it will be handle a lot of throwing around/weight or would you just recommend a plain tote? If I get this it's going to have to withstand a beating. Any thoughts? Balenciaga courier or just a plain old bag for every day stuff?

    Oh and a side questions. Is the purse the bag with the longest handles (besides day/courier)? Thanks again everyone!!
  2. as long as its in a dark color, I think it will hold up great! Don't overload i with books, though. A few at a time is fine, but no a whole bunch.
  3. I love my Courier -- but I agree its not the "heavy books" bag. However, I love it because I put in a few books, gym clothes, water and on occassion my laptop in its sleeve and it holds everything quite nicely.
  4. I love the purse style, it's a tote with handles that fits great on your shoulder :yes:
  5. I don't think the Courier can take a beating so you may want to get another bag. As to over the shoulders, the purse is a very good over the shoulder bag but I don't know about the length of the handles. If you want something over the shoulders, the day may be a better choice considering the way it slouches.
  6. Thanks for your opinions everyone!! They will be taken into great consideration as to whether I will be getting the courier or purse. :yes:
  7. welp, i've had both & i don't think the purse would work as a book bag :girlsigh:...i think the courier would be a much better choice for that...but you should also consider the work style too...below's a photo of my grenat work & also the emerald purse i sold ;)
    EEXKKKUE67MM.jpg DSCF2574 REV.jpg
  8. work work work :party:
  9. I just don't like bags that have been copied! Every street corner in nyc has the courier and first and city - the only one not copied is day and shrug!
  10. I have seen copies of the Day and the Shrug also -- if we held to the idea that we would never buy a bag that wasn't copied, we would be reduced to using Hefty bags with leather straps!
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. ^^ lol!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    p.s. i've been reduced to that on a rainy day :p
  13. VERY GOOD! :roflmfao: Thanks for making me smile today...
  14. courier!!
  15. The courrier is great and roomy, but I wouldn't overload it. I worry about the stress on the folded leather straps that attach the handle. I also worry about the paint on the edges of the leather seams to crack under the stress. The courrier is fab for hand luggage on a plane or an overnighter.