Balenciaga Corporate

  1. This is a rather random question, but given the level of BBag obsession raging in this forum, I figure someone must know this:

    Does Balenciaga have a corporate (ie non-retail) office in the US?

    And if so, is there an employee discount? (haha-ok that one was a joke. *cough*)
  2. I think they do. I called 411 to get balenciagas number a few weeks ago, but when I dialed the number they gave me they said it was the office and they'll transfer me to the boutique. Unfortunatly I dont have the number anymore.
  3. I think Purse-Ooooh actually talked to someone there recently and may still have the contact info. Maybe she will chime in shortly, or you PM her and ask. HTH! :yes:
  4. Hi there, the number for corporate in NYC is 212 279 4440
  5. thanks so much, purse-o!!! :smile:
  6. Is that where you call to ask about repairs, or do you have to call BalNY? More specifically - if I want to get a repair done for a bag that is still w/in warranty period and I bought it at Neiman's - do I tell the Neiman's SA to call Bal Corporate or BalNY?
  7. If you bought the bag at NM, Bal Corporate will tell you that you have to bring it back to NM and they will send it to Bal for repairs. Alot of runaround.
  8. Well yes, I understand that - but I am wondering what phone number to give my Neiman's SA? The Bal Corporate number or the BalNY Boutique number? I have a feeling that most Neiman's SAs have not done this before, so I want to be ready with the info.

  9. I would call the corporate number and ask them what number to give NM for repairs although, the NM SA's are equipped with all of the information. I have seen the books they look through to see what colors are available, etc and right in the front of the book it has all of that info. Hope that helps!! :yes:
  10. Ok, cool..thanks! :flowers: