balenciaga contact:???

  1. does anyone have a contact for balenciaga in NY??? I want to get a hobo and a courier and I figure you guys know who is good to deal with.

    Thanks in advance....
  2. Joseph!! Kim is very nice too.
  3. I recommend Kim in a heartbeat. I ran into some mishaps with UPS Next Day Air yesterday when waiting for my bag, and she was on call for a whole 5 HOURS, helping me along the way for the entire fiasco. She tracked my bag first thing when they opened at 11am, and when I got my bag at 4pm, we had probably made about 30 calls to each other and to UPS. Kim will stop at NOTHING to ensure that your bag arrives in your hands at the right time, and she will also pick out a bag to your exact specifications.

    Here is my bag that she helped me with, the Blueberry Hobo: link.

  4. thanks - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hobo!!!
  5. I love Kim. She is always very helpful!
  6. I love Joseph!! From what I've read, everyone there is helpful except for Terri. Quite a few pfers have had some bad experiences with her.
  7. daphne's my all-time fave SA there, then kim & sarah, all sweeties :tender:
  8. Joseph and Louie are dolls.
  9. Sarah is fabulous!!! She fixed my bag for me. Well not Sarah herself ;) But you know what I mean.
  10. daphne and joseph go above and beyond.
  11. definitely sarah! she was my sales associate before i moved to europe and even when i came back she remembered me and is just as sweet as ever. i was having issues with my blueberry city and she was totally understanding and accomodating about the situation. definitely makes me enjoy shopping with the nyc boutique. a good sales associate should always treat you with the same amt of courtesy whether you're buying, returning, or just have questions/problems.