Balenciaga Confusion

  1. Ok at some point I will get my pictures up ... but can some one give me the quick and dirty about the motorcycle bags? What year was the original designed and put out for sale? How many different versions are there? The only I have is black or gunmetal distressed leather with the mirror ...

    What is the actual name - is it the Lariat Bag or the the Le Dix ???

    Confusion is my name
  2. they change the names all the time, i don't know why, apparently just to keep us on our toes. the smallest one is refered to as the First, the Classique, and the Small. i've also heard that it is the Le Dix, but i head somewhere else that they actually don't make that bag anymore and we're all calling the bags the wrong thing. so who knows. try that blog, it's the best info i've found.