Balenciaga confusion ?!?! please help...

  1. Hi,

    I'm a Bal newbie and I have a few quick questions.

    I love the bag Jessica Stam is carrying in this picture from The Sartorialist blog (not sure of the name) - see thumbnail at bottom of post.

    However I would like it in a bigger version...

    So I was looking at the Diabro website and come across this bag:

    Then I was looking on ASOS and came across this one:

    Why is the ASOS so much more expensive even though the measurements say it is actually smaller ???

    Are they different bags ??? - the leather texture looks kinda different on the Diabro one...

    Is there another stockiest that would have it for less ???

    And finally, what is it's actual name ?

    Thank you all so much !! I'm eternally grateful ! :heart:
    Sartorialist pic 1.jpg
  2. hi, these are 3 dif. bags.
    the one Stam has is HOBO
    diabro is CITY
    and the other is BRIEF style
    i think prices depends on the style, not the size ;)
  3. Thanks so much !!! :heart:

    That makes much more sense. I think I prefer the Brief but the City is cheaper... Why would that be ?
  4. Thats actually not the Brief thats called the Giant RTT. It is HUGE. The Brief is a similar shape but much cheaper. Go to the reference library and they have pictures and prices for all of the different Balenciaga styles.
  5. Thanks girls ! I'm so silly ! I just realized the measurements on the Diabro site are in CMs so the ASOS bag is actually much bigger - therefore should be more exxy !

    Thanks for the correct name KAOKim ! I'll head to the reference library now....
  6. Jessica Stam's Giant Hardware Hobo is drop-dead gorgeous. It's a wonderful size and shape bag. Not too big, not too small. Her whole outfit there is great from the hat down ;o)