Balenciaga Compagnon & Mini-Compagnon at Barney's Violet & Juane

  1. I just rec'd an e-mail from Liza at Barney's in Dallas - she was so helpful to me in locating my Partition Bag. She said that she presently has a compagnon in violet and mini-compagnons in juane and violet in case anyone is interested. Here is her contact info: "I also am going back to school so I will be at Barneys part-time. My permanent hours will be Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturdays." Her Barney's e-mail address is lruiz@Barneys.COM. Her Barney's phone number is 469.221.4722.
    I also have her personal e-mail address if anyone needs it. :smile:
  2. Hi Lovelygarments, do you know if Barneys also order Money RH ? I would be interested to know Liza personal email as well :yes: Thanks
  3. Lovelygarments, you are such a dear to post this info on here! I just wanted to clarify - the mini compagnon is the coin purse, is it not? I'm not sure as to the official names. I just call them coin purses, haha! Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for the info, lovelygarments! :flowers:

    ^CF, the mini compagnon is a wallet that is the same size height-wise as the compagnon, but about half the size in width.


  5. cate, thanks so much for the correct info! You're so sweet!
  6. No problem! :smile: Are you going to go for either the jaune or violet? :graucho:
  7. Liza's great!
  8. Definitely the Violet! =) Anything for you?
  9. Thank you! (Is it Lee-za or Li-za?)
  10. Her name is Liza :smile: and lovelygarments, thank you for introduced her to me. She is lovely to work with !!:tup:
  11. ^^CF, I'm a purple girl at heart so I'd go for the violet, too! :yes:

    gallicaroses, it is good to know that she is a great SA!
  12. I guess I was thinking of the pronunciation- some Liza's pronounce it Leeza...;)
  13. She is a sweetie - she is trying to track down a Balenciaga jacket for me. She seems to know a lot about Balenciaga, which is nice for a change when dealing with SA in the department stores. :smile:
  14. Your welcome, gallicaroses!
  15. lovelygarments thank you for referring Liza to us. I spoke with her today and she helped out! Thanks soooo much! She is sweet and u are sweet to help us out w/these rare colors!