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  1. Hello Ladies!!!

    I recently sent my RH Black City in for repair and wanted to share my experience.

    After owning my black city for less than a year, I notice that the threads were coming loose that hold the metal plate on the inside of the bag. The metal plate was nearly falling off. Also, some of the leather was coming unglued on the shoulder strap where the bale is attached to ring on bag. I had purchased this bag from so I decided to email their customer service.

    Nicole (customer service manager) quickly replied to me and asked me to send my bag in for repair so I did. I so took pictures to email to her which I will share below.

    My bag was only gone for one week and returned to me today. Although, I havn't been too lonely having received my new UV city last week.

    They did an excellent job repairing the bag and it looks good as new!

    Nicole was great! She communicated with me through-out the whole process. is the way to go if you want excellent customer service for future issues.

    Pics are below!



    My cities together :smile:




  2. Yay for awesome service and getting your bag all fixed!

    This is the only thing that stinks about buying preloved. I'm not protecting myself in this type of situation.
  3. Glad to hear this, because, honestly, Balenciaga has not been known to have the best customer service. I did not know they even offered repairs. Maybe they are finally upping their game since the other luxury brands usually do offer repair and/or refurbishing. The only time I have ever asked them for anything was when the tassels split on a bag I had owned for less than a month. I got the tassels but that took another month, lol.
  4. thats awesome!

    Did you have to pay for repairs?
  5. The repairs are free if still under 1 year warranty. The only thing I paid for was shipping to get my bag to them. They paid for shipping back.
  6. Quality service from a quality brand