BALENCIAGA COLOURS - any hard to care for?

  1. My first ever preference in colour for my first Balenciaga was Grey.

    I didnt end up getting it though as I was scared it would get noticably dirty.

    Are there any Balenciaga colours that dont keep well?

    I've treated my Blue Twiggy with Lovinmybag products, so hopefully it stays nicely clean...

    But I'm still REALLY into Grey and am considering it for my next one...

    Any thoughts?
  2. personally, i think that grey should be fine, as it isn't a lighter color. the lighter colors...white, ice blue, etc. get dirty pretty quickly if you don't take care of the bag. and they also get a bit yellow after awhile. but grey i think should be okay, as far as keeping it clean and no yellowish coloring.
  3. Yep, white is definately off limits... I would be ruin it within a week (or less)!

    I looooooove the grey, it would go with most things - not too bold, and nice an neutral

    I was either considering Grey for the Day or Purse...

    Thanks for your advice!
  4. ITA completely. :yes:
  5. Woo hoo...

    Grey it is

    And if it gets grotty, I'm coming to find you both! hehe
  6. You should have no trouble keeping it clean with some LMB cleaner! Please post pics for us when you get it! :smile:
  7. definitely the lighter colors......pale pink, ice blue, white, calcaire.....these are from the top of my head....
  8. My first Bbag was grey! I was its 3rd owner and the handles were darkened, but I've worn it to death, and the only thing that's happened has been that handles darken a bit more. So it's only the handles that are problematic - but if I had gotten it new and used LMB For Handles, problem would have been solved!
    (P.S. - I treat my bags with love and care, but by nature I am a clutz - and grey has been no problem :smile: )
  9. I have a beautiful 05 grey first, And I've never had a problem with it.
    You should go for it, grey is TDF
  10. Yeah, it is huh!!

    It was my first ever choice!
  11. gris fonce is a nice shade of gray. dark but not too dark. seems like it would hide dirt well.
  12. I was thinking of getting the Natural 2007 in work (Cameron Diaz's bag) but I am so scared that it will turn yellow....Any thoughts?
  13. I have the grey in the day style, love it to death. There's been no darkening at all to it. It's a fantastic neutral!!!
  14. i have a 04 grey city and its not showing any dirt at all. it's the perfect shade to hide dirt :girlsigh:
  15. I stick to the darker colors personally. Less upkeep.