Balenciaga colors for Fall 2006 ???

  1. Does anybody have an early heads-up on what the new Balenciaga handbag colors will be for the Fall of 2006???

    I believe that the fall bags become available for sale by July. (Last year, I ordered a fall bag in May at the Balenciaga boutique in New York, and it arrived in July.)

    p.s.--I just got "The First" in Emerald and I love love love it! I'm from Washington, D.C., and the Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria in Va. just began selling Balenciaga.
  2. Thanks for your help!

    Wow, I love that "Grenat" garnet-burgundy swatch! Are they taking orders in NYC?
  3. Yes the are taking pre-orders. I have ordered a Grenat Hobo. Cannot wait!!
  4. Cool! Thanks for posting the link
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