balenciaga color?

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  1. What would you think the best balenciaga city bag color would be??? as a timeless color... no metallics
  2. black and red
  3. I've been wondering this myself. I think the white one is cute, but I'm afraid of it getting too dirty, so I'm thinking of getting the black one (when I can find one!).
  4. I would stick to a neutral color when it comes to timeless B-bags such as black, red, chocolate, etc. to match your outfits.
  5. Neutrals are probably the way to go .... shades of brown .... black .... grey ..... although I own one in Cornflower (blue) and I use it all the time. Not only is it great with jeans, it goes great with black, tan, etc. I use it all the time.
  6. lol well i'm not the one to answer this because i LOVE the pewter. i bet black would be a good bet, though.
  7. yup, pewter all the way baby! but that's just me. second color might be either burgundy or black or brown.
  8. Wondering about that too.. but black probably would be my choice.
  9. hmm, probably black :smile:
  10. Black like everyone else has said.

    But with that being said, if I had the money, I'd also buy a seafoam one in a heartbeat !
  11. the black b bag will always be a classic but they always have it available so why not go for a colored one that you like. they're all beautiful IRL!
  12. I could never buy a black Balenciaga. All those gorgeous colours available, and then to buy a black? Madness! Anyways, my personal favourite is the apple green from the Spring 05 line. So yummy.
  13. I like Balenciaga bags because they come in fun colors. You can get a black bag any day.
  14. ditto, i think buying a balenciaga in a neutral is kind of a waste, but hey, i guess if she wants one..
  15. Black, or a deep brown.